5 Businesses You Can Start With Your Smartphone in Nigeria

5 Businesses You Can Start With Your Smartphone in Nigeria

These are the 5 businesses you can start with a smartphone in Nigeria

If you are considering to start a business in Nigeria with little capital, then the following businesses you can start with your smartphone might be of interest to you.

The smartphone is not just a decorative device that enables you to catch up with your friends on your favorite social media and take nice photos, more than that, it gives you access to a world of chances. Let’s search for five businesses you can start in Nigeria with little capital with the use of your smartphone.

5 Businesses You Can Start With Your Smartphone in Nigeria


You can beging a blog where you share information to a group of people using your smartphone. WordPress has an android app you can install on your phone for free and signup from there.

Just search for “WordPress” on your app store and install it to get started.

You can start a blogging business for free using your smartphone but you need a laptop as soon as you can afford one.


Information Marketing

This includes selling information products packaged as eBooks, videos, audio training to a group of people who need that information.

All you need to do is to classify what information people are looking for through Nairaland, Facebook or Google Keyword Research and Package this information for them.

You can type it using the word processors that come with your smartphone or simply record the information in an audio format and sell it to them.

You can sell it on Facebook or WhatsApp for a start.


Subject Matter Expert

One business you can start with your smartphone is to create yourself as a subject matter expert on Facebook.

You can do this by steadily sharing information on a particular subject and eventually creating products for sale or organizing paid training programs on the subject. People charge as much as N10,000 for training organized in a closed Facebook group or on WhatsApp.

So this is a business you can start with little money right here in Nigeria, especially as a graduate. You can start with a subject related to your course of study.


Selling Items on Classified Sites

Do you know that you can make money by helping people sell their stuff on classified sites like

This is a business you can start with little capital in Nigeria using your smartphone because all you have to do is take a picture of the item the person wants to sell and list it on jiji or any other classified site of your choice and attach your phone number as the seller’s phone number.

Once the calls start coming in negotiate for a price slightly higher than the buyer is selling and keep the change.


Social Media Management

Why not bargain your services as a social media manager and help people manage their Facebook accounts and increase reach as well?

Social media management is a business you can start with diminutive capital in Nigeria. The tasks of a Social Media Manager includes content making and general community management. If it’s a business, then you will need to learn how to convert that engagement into more sales for the business in addition to the previously mentioned tasks.

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