6 INTERVIEW PREPARATION TIPSDo you Want to score good marks in your next interview and get that job you’ve been seeking? Here are 6 interview preparation tips to help you prepare. Notwithstanding the digitalizing of most companies, the first step to getting a job is your application. After the application comes the interview most people fail in this area due to lack of preparation because the impression you make on the interviewer can be more important than your actual credentials.

Be Early

Dress Corporately

Do Not Say More Than Necessary

Use Professional Language

Go with copies of your resume

Don’t panic


So I will be giving you a list of the best interview preparation tips

Be punctual at your interview

It is mandatory, to be on time at a job interview. Do not go late for any job interview, try to be there at least 10 – 15 minutes early because most interviewers are often ready before the appointment.

Dress for success

What disqualifies most people is their mode of dressing. Today’s casual dressing, does not give you any legal ground, to dress as you wish. when going for any job interview, it is very important to know what to wear, to an interview. It’s not all about expensive suits and ensembles, it’s about looking the part and wearing clothes that are clean and fit you well.

Don’t talk too much

When you are trying to impress people with words, the more you say the more likely you are to say something foolish. Telling the interviewer more than he needs to know could be a very fatal mistake which Is bound to occur when you have not prepared for the interview. In other to avoid this mistake you must read through the job position and be prepared.

Be Careful with your grammar

It’s a rule that you should use professional language during the interview. Don’t make the mistake of using any inappropriate word during the interview no matter what because this words, can easily disqualify you even before you get started with the interview. Even if you have to go slowly and correct yourself, accuracy is preferred over ungrammatical eloquence.

Bring what you need

Do not leave your transcript at home when going for an interview and carry your papers in an organized manner. It’s also good to have paper copies of your references list in the event that you are asked for them. These should always be on a separate sheet of paper, not on your resume.

Don’t panic

If you are confused about the answer to any question don’t rush it is not a crime to stop and think before answering. Take a sip of water if necessary.

Don’t appear desperate

When you interview with the “please, please hire me” approach, you appear desperate and less confident. Reflect the three Cs during the interview: cool, calm, and confident.


























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