Apply for Barber Jobs in Canada for Skilled Foreigner | Salary: $20 – $60/Hour

Are you a skilled and passionate barber seeking new horizons to showcase your talent? Are you also planning to relocate to a country whose image is groomed with beauty? Canada, renowned for its diverse and thriving beauty and grooming industries, offers exciting opportunities for foreign barbers looking to make their mark. Whether you’re a seasoned barber or just beginning your career, Canada’s beauty industry welcomes your expertise and enthusiasm.

Work in Canada as a Skilled barber. Salary: $20–$60/Hour. These jobs come in categories and are situated in different regions. Find out which job is suitable for you and is located in a region you can afford.

We have discovered, for your ease of further research, that there are sparkling barbering jobs available in Canada, and their salaries entice the look.  From trendy urban salons to upscale barbershops, Canada’s demand for skilled grooming professionals is on the rise, making it the perfect destination to kickstart or elevate your barbering career.

What do you Need to Work as a Barber in Canada?

To work in Canada as a Barber, you do not need to be seasoned and skilled, but you should be able to use barbing tools and exercise your job responsibilities. However, there are certain requirements that will help you relocate to Canada from the embassy. There are;

  1. Valid Work Permit.
  2. Employer Sponsorship.
  3. Skills and Experience.
  4. Language Proficiency.
  5. Health and Security clearances
  6. Work Experience and references
  7. Legal Documentation.
  8. Proof of Funds.
  9. Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP)
  10. Visa Application.
  11. Settlement Plans.

With the above, you can be confident that you can travel with ease. What could be a barrier if you have the above? I bet you don’t have any difficulties traveling to Canada to begin the barbering job fully.

Where can you search for work in Canada as a barber? The answer has been provided here. The next section provides you with shops and business establishments currently recruiting barbers in Canada.

Government-Approved Barbershops in Canada


Sodexo Canada Ltd,

Kitimat, BC

Position: Barber

$27.01 an hour, full-time
HD Official Barbers Ltd.

Calgary, AB

Position: Barber Shop Manager

$37 an hour, full-time, Permanent
Yonan’s Barbershop Corp

Hamilton, ON

Position: Barber

$20 an hour – Full-time, Permanent

Penticton, BC

Position: Barber

$37 an hour  – Full-time, Permanent
Castledowns Barber Shop

Edmonton, AB

Position: Barber

$20 an hour – Full-time, Permanent
Gentleman Jacks Barbershop Inc.

North Vancouver, BC

Position: Barber

$27.50–$37.00 an hour – Full-time, Permanent

Edmonton, AB

Position: Barber

$29 an hour – Full-time, Permanent
50 St. Barbershop

Edmonton, AB

Position: Barber

$20 an hour – Full-time, Permanent
Bello Stylez Barbershop Inc.

Grande Prairie, AB

Position: Barber

$20.05 an hour – Full-time, Permanent

Edmonton, AB

Position: Barber

$20 an hour – Full-time, Permanent

How to Apply

To apply for the Barber job, visit the website. Send your detailed CV and job title to the organization’s email. You can also visit the website for more information on how to apply.


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