Country: Nigeria

Organization: Norwegian Refugee Council

Closing date: 18 Jun 2023

Purpose of Consultancy

To put in place NIF owned online platforms including its domain (INGO FORUM.NG) and improve on the features and functionality of its websites. All platforms must be easily accessible on PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

these are the three (3) Specific Objectives

  1. Objective 1: make sure the secure hosting of all NIF online platforms and successful migration of relevant platforms from current accounts to NIF owned accounts.
  2. Review the present hosting plan for NIF website to make sure it meets a guaranteed minimum uptime of 99.99%, adequate web space for storing resources like reports, assessments, photos, etc. and efficient bandwidth which will ensure a loading time of at the most 8.7 seconds.
  3. maintained outcome of the review, applaud suitable and satisfactory hosting plans for existing domain (and possibly a further domain) and subscribe for 1 year, with genuine dedicated Secured Sockets Layer (SSL certificates inclusive.
  4. Use the Office 365 Business Premium plan to set up NIF Business Email on Office 365 from the current email client. This will include:
  •  Migration of all existing email contents to the new Office 365 email platform
  •  Migration of all NIF contents from the current Cloud Storage to OneDrive
  • Review the present NIF account on Adobe Creative Cloud and isolate it from its current host by creating a replacement account.
  • Objective 2: Review and improve the features and functionality of NIF website.
  • Improve and infuse the website interface and navigations with a modern HTML5 responsive template and a simple technology such as Jekyll.
  • Ensure all webpages are properly named and coded to meet minimum SEO requirements, as well as easily accessible and compatible with all PCs, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Review all contents on the website and ensure they are properly placed and aligned on each web page. Also ensure all interior and exterior links on each website menu and within the pages are correctly addressed.

Create an additional interactive chart section on NIF website using technology like Data Driven Documents, Fusion Charts or equivalents.

This section will have subsection for INGO staffing information

Create a simple membership payment portal that processes and tracts member payments as well as sends alert on expiration and invoices update the template on the NIF Survey platform to align with other parts of NIF website including colors, fonts and width.

Objective 3:

Design and develop a web learning and resource portal to support NIF PLRCAP initiative. The portal is going to be placed under a sub-directory of the most INGOFORUM.NG domain and or under a separate domain as determined by NIF and linked to NIF main website via the localization page. The portal is going to be designed to possess a member-only section and public section. The member section includes participating national/local CSOs and mentor/twinning partners.


A user friendly resource library, an improvement over current Document Bank, will be developed having the following components: A section with downloadable learning documents, guidelines, manuals, publications. Accessibility will be based on free, open source and licensed. Uploaded resources will be represented with an image thumbnail, a short summary blurb and a comment-enabled user rating system. A section comprising third-party links (or embedded pages) of recognizable and trusted online course platforms (e.g. courser), funding opportunities, tutorials, media links, videos, etc.

An interactive topic-based Forum/chat platform for members to post comments, share resources including multimedia, ask questions, and so on.

1. Pre and Post Consultancy

Successful IT firm will hold at least a 3-day planning meeting with NIF to discuss and agree on the technology and modalities to use for the project. Provide a six-month post-development remote security and technical support to management and maintenance of NIF domain, servers and website.

2. Consultant Deliverables

NIF business email server on Office 365 platform

An improved NIF website hosted on a Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) platform with accurate contents and every one links properly addressed

A totally developed and functional online portal for PLRCAP initiative

A NIF-owned domain servers (INGOFORUM.NG and possibly new domain for hosting resources), web host and Adobe Cloud accounts

A handover notes of completed project

3. (a) Roles and Responsibilities of the Applicants:

  • Expected deliverables in Section 5 of this TOR.
  • Prompt Claim settlement.
  • Easy Administrative Procedure.

(b) Roles and Responsibilities of NRC:

NRC will pay based on request for quotation for the service and a comprehensive service delivery. NRC will pay the contractor after delivery of service through bank transfer and presentation of invoice & receipt for the service

4. Deadline for submission:

Duly completed RFQ documents should be submitted to the above address within the stipulated time frame mentioned in RFQ advertisement. RFQ application received by NRC after the deadline shall be considered late & shall be rejected & unopened. If the deadline specified herein falls on a government or NRC declared holiday or any unavoidable circumstances, the deadline shall be extended automatically to the subsequent working day.

5. Rejection of RFQ document of Applicant:

However NRC reserves they right to accepted or rejected any or all RFQ proposals with or without giving any reasons whatsoever and isn’t responsible for any loss to applicant(s) because of such rejection. Furnishing of false or fabricating of information evidence will result in rejection of submission

Required Information from the Applicant: (Reference ITB form)

  1. Details of Full Time Key personnel
  2. Basic Information of the Applicant
  3. Details of conducting similar works/with INGOs
  4. CAC registration
  5. Details of past and present work done by the Applicant
  6. Details of Physical Resources (Office Accommodation with branch offices if any, Transport if any) of the Applicant
  7. Financial status of the Applicant
  8. Tax Clearance

The way to apply: Interested individuals or companies are requested to write down to [email protected] and [email protected], to urge the complete tender document for this consultancy. it’s mandatory to point the topic of the e-mail as: – Consultancy –Reviewing and Improving NIF Online Platforms. Tender closing date: 18th June 2023 at 5pm.

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