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Awhum Waterfall | A cascading beauty in the heart of Nigeria.

Awhum Waterfall

The Awhum Waterfall is also a popular tourist location in Nigeria. The Awhum Waterfall is located at Amaugwe village of Awhum town in Udi Local Government Area, Enugu State, Nigeria.[1] The Awhum Waterfall is formed out of a massive outcrop of granite rock with water flow at the top forming a stream. Some part of the waterfall is usually warm through the seasons. The Awhum waterfall is 30 metres high and is located near the Awhum Monastery.

The water is said to be curative (have healing power) and capable of dispelling evil forces if and wherever it is sprinkled. It takes about 45 minutes walk from the parking spot to the fall. The site is particularly good for religious tourism.

A section of the falls, which is 30 meters high, is said to be warm through the seasons. People in the community and some tourists claim that the water is curative (has healing powers) and is capable of dispelling evil forces if and wherever it is sprinkled. It is for these reasons the falls have become a place of spiritual pilgrimage and a prayer centre. It takes about 45 minutes walk from the parking point to the exact spot.

Indeed, the waterfall is unique for its peculiarity; humbling for its dignified peacefulness, and mysterious for its miraculousness.

The valley town also boasts of numerous pristine lakes, some of them with beautiful white sand beaches, beautiful rolling grassy hills, majestically adorned in green.

People in Charge

The Our Lady of Mount Calvary Monastery, a nearby Catholic organization, manages the water cave even though it is owned by the Awhum village.

Visitors to the cave and waterfall (apart from locals) must pay a charge before being permitted entry.

Visitors to the cave can rent lodgings inside the monastery for N2,000 per night. According to a security officer, holidays like Christmas and Easter typically see more people visiting the monastery.

Rules of Awhum Waterfall

  • Nobody is allowed to go to the mountain or waterfall by 4pm
  • Those there should start returning latest by 5pm. defaulters will be punished.
  • Clapping of hands and shouting at the mountain and monastery is highly prohibited.
  • Immodest clothes such as transparent materials, shorts and trouser for women are not allowed. women should cover their hair.
  • Do not use images and statues and candles within monastery environment, mountain and waterfall.



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