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Basaseachic Falls National Park |The Jewel of the Sierra Madre Occidental

The falls that give this national park its name are obviously the primary attraction and visitors will certainly not leave feeling disappointed. The waterfall plunges down from a height of 246 meters and framed by the craggy cliff faces on either side; it looks absolutely stunning.

The falls are not the only picturesque part of the park however as the forests, distinctive rock formations and the diverse fauna and flora make it a delight to trek through. From the tops of the domineering cliff faces, panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings only add to the charm of Basaseachic Falls National Park.

Basaseachi is in the state of Chihuahua, about 175 miles southwest of the city of Chihuahua. The town is nestled in a beautiful mountain valley and is surrounded by pine forests and rolling hills. Basaseachi is known for its natural hot springs, which are said to have healing properties. There are several resorts in the town that offer spa treatments and pools with therapeutic water.

Basaseachi is also a great place to enjoy nature. Visitors can hike the trails that wind through the forests and hills. There are also several horseback riding stables in Cascada de Basaseachic National Park, where visitors can enjoy a guided tour of the countryside. Basaseachic Falls, the second tallest waterfall in Mexico, is another popular spot for visitors.

In addition to its natural attractions, Basaseachi also has several cultural sights worth exploring. The ancient village of Paquime is home to many ruins and artifacts.

Activities in Basaseachic Falls National Park

Hot Springs

Recohuata Hot Springs is in Copper Canyon at the base of the park’s namesake basalt cliffs. Like the springs of Basaseachi, its water is said to have healing properties. Visitors can enjoy the springs in any season. In the summer, the valley is cool and shady, while in the winter it’s possible to soak in the hot springs while watching snow fall on the cliffs above. The walk to the springs can be challenging, so plan accordingly. Bring plenty of water, good hiking shoes, and be prepared for changing weather conditions.

Zip Lining

Barranca del Cobre Adventure Park advertises the longest Zip-line in the world. Just a short distance from Copper Canyon and the town of Basaseachi, the park is open year-round, and there are several activities available.


If you’re looking for a great outdoor adventure, consider hiking the trails in Cascada de Basaseachic National Park. There are a range of difficulty levels to suit a variety of fitness levels, so everyone can take in the stunning views. It’s always advisable to hire a local guide for longer hikes, as signage can be sparse and it’s easy to get lost.

Horseback Riding

One of the most popular activities in Basaseachic National Park is horseback riding. Horseback riding in Basaseachi is a unique experience that you won’t want to miss.

The horses are well-trained and friendly, and the guides are experienced and knowledgeable. They’ll take you on a tour of the park, showing you all the best sights. You’ll be able to see everything from the stunning waterfalls to the impressive mountains.

The rides are suitable for all levels of experience, so even if you’ve never ridden a horse before, you’ll be able to enjoy this activity. The rides are also great for families, so you can all enjoy a fun day out together.

Basaseachi Waterfall

Basaseachi Waterfall is the most popular attraction in Basaseachic National Park. Below the confluence of the Duraznos and Basaseachic River, it is over 800 feet high and tumbles into Candameña Canyon.

There are a few ways to enjoy the waterfall. Three different trails, with varying degrees of difficulty, offer views of the falls.

No matter how you choose to experience it, be sure to add Basaseachi Waterfall to your list of things to do during your visit!

Paquime Ruins

The Paquime Ruins, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offer a unique glimpse into the Pueblo culture of the 14th and 15th centuries. There’s a small museum on-site that’s worth a visit and be sure to take a walk around the ancient structures themselves. There’s plenty to see and do, so be sure to plan to spend the day to explore everything.

Rock Climbing

Copper Canyon (Barrancas Del Cobre) is four times larger and deeper (1 mile!) than the Grand Canyon. The rivers that carved this canyon, actually comprised of 6 canyons, revealed expansive volcanic rocks and pillars, making it a beautiful place to go rock climbing. There are plenty of routes for first-time through advanced rock climbers. The canyon is also home to a variety of other outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, and bird watching. The Adventure Park offers a via ferrata, rappelling, rock climbing, and a suspension bridge. Local guides can also help you plan your rock climbing adventures.

Copper Canyon Train

A popular way to view the rugged terrain of Copper Canyon is by train. This extremely popular adventure is enjoyed by both tourists and Mexican nationals alike. A four-hour train ride offers the best views of Copper Canyon as well as taking you through 86 tunnels on your way to the coast.

The town of Basaseachi, Basaseachic Falls National Park, and Copper Canyon are great places to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Mexico and have exciting adventures. Whether it’s viewing the waterfalls, hiking, horseback riding, or visiting the Paquime ruins, the area has something for everyone.

Get in Basaseachic Falls National Park

The park is 270 km from the city of Chihuahua. Take Federal Highway 16 west of the city, in the direction of the city of Hermosillo. Access to the park through this road is after passing Tomochi, where you take the junction called Las Estrellas, to take a path of approximately 12 km.
Fees and permits

It is free

Get around Basaseachic Falls National Park

In stark contrast to the copper canyon area, Basasachi actually has well marked trails that are easily followed without the need for a guide. It is one of the chief benefits of the national park status.

Park Protection

Basaseachic Falls National Park was created to protect the wilderness surrounding Mexico’s second tallest waterfall.  The terrain is also home to a variety of species that need the protection including the elusive mountain lion.