Best Small Scale Businesses for Startup 2023

Best Small Scale Business in NigeriaBest Small Scale Business Nigeria

Ok in today’s post we will be looking at a list of the best small-scale business to start with little capital in Nigeria.

Raw Food Stuff Business

Here in Nigeria start a raw foodstuff business is very lucrative based on the fact that most Nigerians prefer homemade food to fast because some fast food is not to be trusted, so you will definitely make a good income from this business. Just be nice to your customers.

Dry Cleaning Business

The dry cleaning business is a very lucrative business to start, based on the fact that most people are so overwhelmed by work that they have no time to wash their clothes, they would just give it to a dry cleaner to do the washing for them. Aside from that, the dry cleaning business actually requires low capital to start, all you need is for you to know how to wash, and iron clothes very well.

Restaurant Business

The restaurant business is also a good business to own in Nigeria, but if you don’t know how to cook very well please do not venture into it because you will have no customers. Like I said that most restaurant food can’t be trusted, so you will have to earn the trust of your customers. And please always keep your restaurant clean at all times.

Graphics Design Business

In today’s world, the demand for graphic designers has been on the increase, so if you have a skill in graphics and you are still looking for work it’s not proper, so try designing something upload it online because people are looking for your

car wash Business

ok car wash business. This business is a very lucrative business to start, in Nigeria, we don’t have too many cars wash, for now, so it is very advisable to start one today.


Tailoring is also a good business to do, but if you do not have a passion for it please do not do it because it requires creativity to be able to create designs and attach them to materials.  The interesting part of the trade is the fact that you will beautify people for a fee.

Agricultural Business

The agricultural business is a very good business to do due to the ever-increasing demand for food. One of the things you need to know when starting the business is the fact that you have to plant crops that move well in the market, and please if you are a lazy type please do not go into the business because you will end up wasting everything.

Freelance Writing Business

Freelancing is another means of making money in Nigeria. But in freelancing all you need is digital skills, so if you have any digital skills all you have to do is to offer them to those who are looking for them online.

There are many freelances works you can get, you can be a writer, web designer/developer, digital marketer, graphic designer, and even a project manager. If you have good excel skills, there are works you can do online and get paid well.

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