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COMPRO Examination Application

The prepared Compro Past Questions and Answers reveal some hidden secrets to answering the Compro Exams. The prepared material ensures that you score a minimum of 95% in the Examination result and grant user assurance of being promoted to a higher rank in the Civil Service.

Details of Compro examination is given below;

Table of Contents

COMPRO Examination PAST Questions and Answers.

How to register for COMPRO Examination

How to Prepare for Civil Service Promotion (COMPRO) Examination

Prepared COMPRO Past Questions and Answers


Compro Examination is the Civil Service Commission Promotional (COMPRO) Examination conducted to help workers in civil service gain promotions. The COMPRO Exam qualifies workers or proofs workers worthy of promotion in civil service.

All civil service workers who desire promotion in the civil service are expected to participate in the Compulsory Confirmation Promotion (COMPRO) Examination

How to register for COMPRO Examination

As a civil service worker, you are requiring to apply for the COMPRO examination for your promotion.

To register for COMPRO Examination,

First visit OFFICE OF THE HEAD OF THE CIVIL SERVICE OF THE FEDERATION (OHCSF)-HQTRS to collect the hard copy of the form

Click here to Continue Registration Processes

How to Prepare for Civil Service Promotion (COMPRO) Examination

Read all materials, Past questions, and other relevant materials

Compro II examination questions will cover questions set from the following areas;

Features of Civil Service Commission Promotional (COMPRO)Examination Past Questions.

  • English Language
  • Public Service Rules
  • Financial Regulations
  • General Paper
  • Office Routine or Special Paper
  • Compro Past Questions Financial Regulations
  • Compro Past Questions General Paper
  • Current Affairs
  • Compro Past Questions Common Law
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning

Some sample COMPRO Past Questions and Answers extracted from different years are presented below for your assistance.


Prepared COMPRO Past Questions and Answers


Instruction: choose from the list of words lettered A to the one which has almost the opposite as the word underlined in the sentence.

  1. The humble woman came here yesterday.

(a)       Rich

(b)      proud

(c)       stubborn

(d)       poor

(e)       clever

  1. The wicked man chased the goat.
    (a)    weak
    (b)    careless
    (c)    good
    (d)    cautious
  2. The book is easy to understand

 (a)   lazy

 (b)   soft

 (c)   poor

 (d)  difficult

 (e)  dangerous

  1. I found a bunch of ten keys by the riverside.

(a)   Missed

(b)   placed

(c)    formed

(d)    lost

(e)     stole

  1. The weather is very humid

(a)   Dry

(b)   hot

(c)   fine

(d)  cold

(e)  windy

Question 6:         What is financial regulation?


It’s a form of regulation or supervision under which financial institutions, such as banks, are subjected to certain requirements and restrictions. Financial regulation aims to maintain the integrity and stability of the financial system, secure adequate consumer protection, reduce financial crime and maintain market confidence.

(b)   Mention five (5) functions of the Accountant – General of the Federation


The Accountant General of the Federation has the following duties:

  • He serves as the Chief Accounting Officer of the receipts and payments of the government of the federation.
  • Supervises the accounts of federal ministries and Extra-ministerial offices and other arms of government.
  • Collates presents and publishes statutory financial statements of the Federal Government and any other statements of account required by the minister of finance.
  • Manages federal government investments
  • maintains and operates the accounts of the consolidated revenue fund, development fund, contingencies fund, and other public funds and provides cash backing for the operations of the federal government.

Others are;

  • Maintain and operates the Federation account.
  • Establishes and supervises Federal Pay Offices in each state capital of the Federation.
  • Conducts routine and in-depth inspection of the books of accounts of federal ministries and departments to ensure compliance with rules, regulations, policies, decisions, and maintenance of accounting codes and internal audit guides.
  • Approves and ensure compliance with accounting codes, audit, and store verification manuals
  • Investigates cases of fraud, loss of funds, asset, and store items, and other financial malpractices in ministries/extra-ministerial departments and other arms of Government.
  • Provides financial regulations and issues treasury circulars to federal ministries and ministerial departments to ensure that there are adequate systems in the public offices for the control of the collection and disbursement of public funds and for the coordination of the accounting systems.


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