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Computer Science Jobs | Description, Qualification And Salary

Computer Science Jobs

This gives you the information about Computer Science Jobs and their Salaries, how to join the Computer Science Association of Nigeria and how to be a member of the Association.


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Computer Science Jobs | Description And Salary

Computer Scientist Job Role and Salaries

How to Become a Computer Scientists?

What Does a Computer Scientist Do?

Courses in Computer Programming

The following are list of computer science courses that pay very high;

Careers in Computer Technology

Biggest Benefits of Studying Computer Science



The computer science courses, especially technology is the most essential course that a computer scientist really need to know to expand their knowledge on how to build and develop new and better ways of devices communicating with each other.

Computer scientists have staples the world with it digital technology and information. The understanding of how this technology is applied in our daily activity and practical applications are understood by computer scientists.

Computer Science Jobs Role and Salaries




1. Systems Analyst or Systems Engineer 50-108K Computer Science, Information Science, Computer Information Systems
2. Business Systems Analyst 75-109K Business Administration, Finance, Accounting
3. CRM Business Analyst 80-109K Business Administration, Marketing, Management
4. Software Systems Engineer 76-111K Computer Science, System Architecture
5. Solutions Architect 79-112K Computer Science, Information Technology, Database Management
6. E-Commerce Analyst 79-114K Computer Science, Marketing, Business Administration with an IT Focus
7. ERP Business Analyst 83-115K Business Administration, Finance, Accounting
8. Pre-Sales Engineer / Technical Engineer 82-116K Computer Engineering, Information Technology
9. CRM Technical Developer 89-119K Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Programming
10. Portal Administrator 91-121K Computer Science, Marketing, Computer Information Systems
11. Programmer Analyst 69-122K Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Marketing
12. Network Analyst or Network Engineer 58-124K Information Technology, Computer Information Systems
13. Wireless Engineer 46-125K Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering,
14. Business Continuity Analyst 87-125K


Business, Information Management, Computer Science


15. ERP Technical Analyst / ERP Functional Analyst




Computer Science, Business
16. Database Administrator




Computer Information Systems, Information Management, Computer Science


17. Software Developer




Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Programming


18. Telecommunications Manager




Telecommunications Management, Information Technology, Management


19. ERP Technical Developer




Computer Science, Computer Engineering,


20. Network Manager




Computer Science, Information Science, Computer Engineering


21. Network Security Administrator




Cyber Security, Information Science, Computer Science


22. Project Manager, Applications Development




Computer Science, Management, Computer Information Systems


23. Systems Security Administrator




Cyber Security, Computer Science,


24. Network Security Engineer




Cyber Security, Computer Engineering, Computer Science


25. Data Warehouse Developer / Analyst




Data Science, Computer Science, Information Management
26. Database Developer




Computer Science, Computer Engineering,
27. Data Modeler


76-134K Information Systems Management, Information Systems, Computer Science
28. Project Manager




Management, Business


29. Web Developer




Computer Science, Programming
30. Product Manager, Software Development




Management, Business, Computer Science
31. Data Security Analyst / Information Security Analyst




Cyber Security, Computer Science, Programming
32. Applications Developer


69-137K Computer Science, Programming, Information Systems
33. Technical Support




Information Technology, Engineering
34. Manager, Design & UX


94-140K Graphic Design, Industrial Psychology, Management


35. Manager, Technical Services/ Help Desk/ Tech Support




Information Technology, Management


36. Information Technology Manager


99-142K Information Technology, Management


37. Business Intelligence Analyst


101-142K Data Science, Statistics, Business
38. Mobile Applications Developer




Computer Science, Programming
39. Information Technology Auditor





Computer Science, Information Technology


40. Quality Assurance Associate / Analyst


57-147K Computer Science, Information Technology
42. Database Manager


107-149K Data Science, Management, Computer Science
43. UX Designer




Graphic Design, Psychology, Marketing


44. Manager, Software Quality Assurance (QA) / Testing




Computer Science, Management
45. Data Architect




Data Science, Computer Science


46. Manager, Data Warehouse


115-154K Data Science, Computer Science, Management
47. Network Architect




Computer Science, Information Systems


48. Software Engineer




Computer Science, Computer Engineering


49. Manager, Information Systems Security




Cyber Security, Information Systems, Manager
50. Manager, Applications Development




Management Computer Science, Information Systems
51. Applications Architect




Computer Science, Data Science, Information Systems



How to Become a Computer Scientists?

Computer scientists need a degree in information technology. This include IT and computer science courses in college, which can lead to computer science degrees, which is a Master’s degree needed by computer scientists to enjoy his/her career.

What Does a Computer Scientist Do?

1.Computer scientists solve problems using the knowledge of technology.

2. Computer scientists write and program software, create applications for mobile devices, and develop websites.

3.They validate and develop mathematical models capable of communicating with people and other computers.

4.They debug computer programs checking for errors and improving computer processing performance.

5.Computer scientists do research and focus on areas like; data structure, algorithms, information and database theory, software engineering, numerical analysis, computational complexity theory, computer graphics, programming language theory, and computer vision.

Courses in Computer Programming

The following are list of computer science Jobs/courses that pay very high;

  • Python,
  • R and Software Development,
  • Fundamentals of Java Programming,
  • Web Development or Full Stack Developer,
  • Google Cloud Platform Architecture,
  • JavaScript,
  • Angular 6,
  • Redox and React,
  • Android N Developer,
  • iOS 11 and Swift Developer,
  • js Developer,
  • C++ and Unreal Engine Developer Course,
  • Master Jenkins,
  • Docker Mastery,
  • Cyber Security Course,
  • Sc. in Computer Science,
  • PG Diploma in Software Development Specialization in Blockchain,
  • Executive Program in Block Chain Technology Management,
  • PG Certificate Program in Big Data & Analytics,
  • PG Program in Big Data Engineering,
  • Master of Science in Data Science,
  • PG Diploma in Machine Learning and AI,
  • Advanced Certification in Machine Learning and Cloud.

Careers in Computer Technology

The list of careers in technology;

  1. Software Developer
  2. Information Security Analyst
  3. IT Manager
  4. Computer Systems Analyst
  5. Computer Network Architect
  6. Computer Systems Administrator
  7. Database Administrator
  8. Web Developer
  9. Computer Support Specialist
  10. Computer Programmer

Biggest Benefits of Studying Computer Science

  • Individuals with computer science Diploma can find jobs in various places and can be employed in numerous positions to perform many types of tasks.
  • The IT knowledge, you obtain in school will permit you to create applications and programs that have the chance to change the
  • With Stack Overflow Developer Survey Industry which was accomplished by 70 thousand programmers work at least a few days each month or more. 11% of all the programmers work full-time.
  • With the help of studying computer science, you will have advanced skills that will broaden your mind and make you not only a very valued employee which many businesses will want to employ, but also you will get the chance to create amazing things that you can program yourself, and which most individuals could not develop by themselves.
  • This is the area of a career that is very broad and depth dew to a variety of aspects of studies in education.
  • Glassdoor has given it nationwide average salary for computer scientist which was $99,050 in United States.
  • This is important and often miscalculated measure when it comes to choosing a profession and field of study. The job you are actually to have should be pleasing and not causing too much strain or tiredness.
  • With the result of 2017 survey, which was accomplished by thousands of programmers at Stack Overflow Developer Survey.
  • It’s amazing how a computer studies student can develop in a few years of studying. Many students come to the first year of study as kids, still living at the expense of their parents, and after 2 years they find a good job that they do part-time after class and start earning as much as many adults while still being students. In addition, learning computer studies develops imagination and strict mathematical skills and teaches how to efficiently solve difficult problems. One of the biggest benefits of studying computer science is problem solving, an essential skill for life.
  • One of the major benefits of studying is the chance to meet a large number of individuals from the industry in which we want to be a professional.
  • After acquiring the knowledge of computer science with many skills that can help you to find a job, or earn your own money.
  • Information and Communication Technology is the future of the world and more amenities and essentials of human life will be slowly transferred to the Internet and the digital world.
  • SCIENTIST who knows computer science very well can create results and program himself, as well as organize database and create systems and analyzes which he can create a lot, and do itself-reliantly and without paying extra money and appointing other in his specialist’s companies and organizations.
  • Computer science is becoming progressively important in every area of our life from advanced scientific exploration. Although, this is related to the growing demand for knowledge in certain areas of this field.
  • The benefits of learning computer science are to acquire knowledge on how to protect cyber fears, physical and informational properties of their business, organization, or company.
  • Individuals who gain the basic knowledge of computer can write simple programs that control the task of machines, they can build communication systems for their staffs, and they can also implement imitations and comprehensive analyzes to regulate what pays off and what does not, and what can be improved and what works accurately.
  • With IT Programming knowledge and visualization, you can create applications that you can sell and get passive income.
  • Competitive Advantage Over Rivals In Many Industries. With IT knowledge in firms that are not related with IT, a scientist can gain huge advantage contestants. Likewise, in a workshop where people work on the construction line.


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