Covid 19 Vaccination Registration Portal | Preferred Locations Across Nigeria

Covid 19 Vaccination Registration Portal | Covid 19 Test Registration Portal | Preferred Locations Across Nigeria

This is the registration platform of the Federal Ministry of Health for COVID 19 Vaccination.

 It captures your data and schedules you for vaccination. Registering here will make your vaccination easier and faster.

This web document is set for all Nigerians to get vaccinated against the Covid 19 disease, causing death globally. Covid 19 is not a death sentence, there are ways out of it. One of the ways to get out of Covid 19 symptoms and infections is to get the free vaccination sent across all the states in Nigeria. 

The Federal Ministry of Health has made it possible for the covid 19 vaccination drugs to go round for all Nigerians to absorb.

Staying safe is one vital key to long life. 

In order to get the Covid 19 Vaccination in your location, kindly fill the form below.

How to Get Covid 19 Vaccination

The content of the form is given;

Registration Form for COVID-19 Vaccination

For more information, please call: 0700 220 1122

e.g. 08012345678 (must start with 0)



Select the State where this case is being vaccinated




How to do Covid 19 Self Test

This is the link to test if you have Covid 19 disease in your system, probably if you have symptoms that can cause Covid 19

For more Enquiry, call support line on 0700 220 1122

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