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Dodo (Fried Plantain) | The Perfect Side Dish

Dodo (Fried Plantain)


I like to call them the ‘older brother of bananas’ because quite frankly, they are. They are pretty similar in terms of look, shape and taste. I would say bananas are a tad sweeter than plantains as plantains lean more towards the savory side.

Plantains are a very popular food ingredient in the Caribbean and Africa, particularly West African. They are also very versatile- they can be boiled, fried, roasted and even used in making baked goods (plantain bread anyone?).

There is also the plantain flour made out of dried plantains that are used as a flour substitute in baking.. I could go on and on.

Today’s recipe is the easiest plantain recipe ever. Fried plantain. It is a staple meal in Nigerian homes and it requires only two ingredients- your plantains and oil for frying.

Fried Plantain Ingredients

Plantains: Use ripe plantains for this recipe. Now when it comes to how ripe your plantains should be, the best plantains for this recipe would be yellow on the outside, firm to the touch and not at all mushy. Super ripe/soft plantain would be mushy and super sweet.

Oil: The oil for frying can be either vegetable oil, sunflower oil or canola oil. These are neutral, flavorless oils that have a low smoking point.

How to Make Fried Plantain Recipe (dodo)

  • First, you will need to cut the plantain diagonally. This shape is the easiest shape to fry and is visually appealing. Other options are to cut your plantains into circles or cubes.
  • Once your plantain is cut into pieces, heat your oil in a deep fryer or pan
  • Add your plantains and fry for 3-5 minutes on each side or until golden brown.
  • Once your plantain is fried, remove it from the oil and place on a paper towel so the oil is absorbed.
  • Serve sweet fried plantain on its own or with Jollof rice, fried rice, dundun and more!

Top Tips to Make Fried Plantain Recipe (dodo)

Heat: Do not use high heat to fry the plantain as it will result in burning.

Plantain: Your plantains should not be too ripe or your fried plantains will be mushy. plantains should be ripe and firm to the touch.

Can you freeze plantain?

Yes. Just like bananas, plantains freeze well. Frozen plantains can be kept for 8-12 months in the freezer. For best results, it is a good idea to peel the skin off the plantain and chop the ends off before freezing. Just bear in mind that plantains may bruise a little when thawing.

What do you eat with fried plantains?

You can serve plantains with jollof rice, boiled white/brown rice, boiled/fried yam, fried potatoes, egg sauce and even bean porridge. Of course, if you are looking for a light snack you can serve your fried plantain on its own.

Are plantains good reheated?

Plantains are best served immediately after frying but if for some reason you need to reheat your plantains, just place them on a baking sheet and heat up in the oven at 350f for 5 minutes. Alternatively, you can reheat the plantains by re-frying them in some hot oil for 30 seconds on each side.


  • Deep fryer or pan
  • knife
  • chopping board




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