Factory Worker Jobs in England 2024

Factory Worker Jobs in Australia 2024

England has a shortage of workers right now, because of this, the government has said it will bring more immigrants. This is say that people from outside England are welcome to apply for factory worker jobs. Do not miss these amazing opportunities to legally work in England , these are a lot of companies in  England that help people get visa. the goal of program is to help make up for shortage and make the economy stronger.

Who is a factory worker

A factory worker performs various jobs in factories. Factory workers may operate machinery to manufacture different products. They may also sort, check and pack products or work on product assembly. You can find this position in industrial environments.

List of factory worker jobs in England

1. Warehouse Operators

Warehouse Operators handle the movement of goods within warehouses or depots. They are responsible for preparing outgoing stock for delivery, checking incoming deliveries, and operating forklifts and order picking machines to store and retrieve stock efficiently, including in elevated locations.

Position summary

  • Forklift operation in the warehouse and other parts of the factory
  • Trucks being filled and emptied
  • Moving and stacking finished good from the factory to the warehouse including high racking.

2. Factory process worker

A process worker is a proficient or semi-proficient production operative tasked with operating processing machinery within a factory setting. Their duties typically involve executing routine tasks such as supplying raw materials to equipment and assembling products along the production line.

Duties of a factory process worker

  • operating automatic machines and equipment, including setting up, monitoring, inspecting, adjusting, repairing and cleaning the machinery
  • assembling various products
  • packing products into boxes and stacking them onto pallets, carts or trolleys
  • checking products to ensure they meet quality standards
  • maintaining a clean workstation and work environment
  • loading and unloading raw materials and finished products
  • performing fast-paced assembly and packing work, and meeting production deadlines or targets

3. Factory Sorter

A sorter is responsible for grading, sorting and organizing items, food and other agricultural products by size, weight, color or condition. They will operate production line equipment and sort items on a conveyor belt, load items onto trolleys and ensure the factory is kept organized and clean.

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Duties of a factory sorter worker

  • Pass incoming product through stations based on what needs to be processed and in what order
  • Maintain product moving through line
  • Clean, remove, and dispose of trash
  • Maintain appearance of line
  • Maintain cleanliness of line and work environment
  • Keep accurate product records
  • Process products according to required specification

Factory worker skills defined

Strong focus and concentration:

One of the most common factory job tasks is working on an assembly line. This is common in many industries from food to automotive. When you’re on an assembly line, you work alongside your shift teammates doing the task at hand, and them moving the product to the next person in line.

Hand-eye coordination:

There are a lot of fine details employees are responsible for when working in a factory, which is where hand-eye coordination is critical. From working on an assembly line to operating machinery to making repairs and more, factory work requires you to be good with controlling your hand movements.

Physical fitness:

Lifting heavy objects is often a requirement in factories. In fact, many job descriptions will actually outline how many pounds candidates need to be able to lift.

Stacking, loading, and unloading:

In many factory jobs, employees are required to handle the products the factory produces. This can involve correctly stacking the products and ensuring that the materials are properly placed within the building, such being clear of emergency exits, fire alarms, heating pipes, and other stacks.

Health and safety regulations:

While you may be able to learn health and safety regulations that are specific to your job once you begin the role, it’s important to have some prior knowledge before going into the position.

Oral communication:

Whether you’re on the assembly line, loading and unloading trucks, or operating heavy machinery, when you’re working in a factory you’re always interacting with your team members.


Many employers look for factory workers who are flexible, can think quickly on their feet, and are able to learn new tasks on the fly. Being adaptable is a highly valued skill in the factory world because things can change quickly.


If you can show up for each shift, show up on time, and complete every task on your list, you’re going to be ahead of your colleagues. In the factory, being reliable and dependable is highly important, and employers are looking for workers that have this quality.

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What are the Responsibilities of a Factory Worker

  • A factory worker conveys raw materials, completed products, and equipment within the facility either by utilizing powered machinery or by manual means.
  • Assess and inspect the products and materials by measuring their weight and verifying their quality.
  • Assemble, Organize, encase, and bundle products and resources.
  • Provide help to the machine assemblers, operators, and other workers
  • Sanitize the apparatus and workspace
  • Engage in additional manual and basic tasks.
  • Utilize machinery

Eligible Requirements of Factory Worker Jobs

Follow these requirements to be eligible for the job:

  • Applicants must possess a valid Forklift license.
  • Respect the laws and rules in England as an immigrant.
  • Paying attention to every small aspect.
  • Applicants must be Punctual.
  • Applicants must be physically fit and able to perform repetitive manual handling duties.
  • Applicants must be able to work continuously during the entire shift.
  • Applicants must be prepared to follow instructions and procedures carefully.

Benefits of Factory Worker Jobs in England

Foreign workers will get the following benefits:

  • An employee will get relocation support
  • Accommodation also be provided
  • $31.40 per hour + super + Penalties
  • Weekly pay provided

How to Apply?

You can apply online for the Factory Worker Job in England. Below i provide a link visit there and check more information.




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