FUNAI  School Fees Payment Portal 2021/2022

FUNAI  School Fees Payment Portal 2021/2022 is open, See all Fees for all DepartmentsFUNAI  School Fees Payment Portal

You are interested to know about the FUNAI  School Fees for New Students (Fresher’s) and Returning Students, payment methods and list of banks to pay, School Fees payment procedures, semester by semester fees for all departments, and lots more.

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FUNAI   School Fees Portal

FUNAI   School Fees Breakdown for 2021/2022

How to Pay FUNAI   School Fees.

FUNAI  School Fees Portal

This is to alert all New and Returning students of the FUNAI  that the FUNAI  School Fees Payment Portal for the 2021/2022Session has been activated. New and returning students can now pay their school fees.

See how to make payment below;

1. Tuition Fee Free (Nigerian only)
2. Registration 2,000
3. Certificate/Result verification 1,000
4. Examination 3,000
5. Medical Examination/Registration Charges 5,000
6. Laboratory Practical 5,000
7. Library Services Charges 3,000
8. Student Information Handbook 1,000
9. Faculty/Departmental Dues 1,000
10. Sports Fees 2,000
11. ICT Developmental dues 7,000
12. Utility/Municipal Services 12,000
13. Student Insurance Policy 1,000
14. Caution Deposit 1,000
 TOTAL 44,000


How to Pay FUNAI  School Fees.

For you to pay FUNAI  School Fees, go to FUNAI  payment Portal, generate invoice, pay in bank/online, revisit the portal and complete payment. You can as well print evidence of payment on the portal.

Here is how to do it:

Proceed to any bank to complete your payment with the generated payment invoice, Alternatively, you can make payment using the online payment options with credit/debit cards. After successful payment in the bank, return to the portal and login with your account details. Then, Click on Pay Hostel Fee.

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