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Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park | The Crystal Caves of Cacahuamilpa

The extensive cave systems in this national park will introduce you to an amazing subterranean world that will astound and awe you with its unbelievable beauty. Marvelously illuminated, the cave systems which are among the largest in the world have a number of attractions to entertain visitors.

Whether it is following the two underground rivers that run between its rocky ravines, rock climbing Limontitla Canyon or simply gazing in wonder at its unique geological features; Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Get in to Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park

The best way to get here is by car. The park is between the cities of Cuernavaca and Taxco on highway MEX 95. About 45 minutes from Taxco, maybe a bit over an hour from Cuernavaca.

Buses operate regularly between Cuernavaca and Taxco. The Estrella Blanco bus costs M$45 and will, on request, drop you off at the park entrance. It is a short walk from there to the caverns. Other bus companies may do the same, so ask.

From Taxco, you can get a taxi to take you to the park.

Fees and permits of Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park

Entry to the caves costs M$100 per adult, M$70 for children. Tours are available from 10am to 5pm. Additional cost for other attractions, such as the zipline, suspension bridge, etc.

Get around Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park

Once you’re in the park, you’ll be walking. Rocks in the caves may be wet, so non-slip casual shoes would be best.


  • Rock climbing – There are 45 rock climbing routes with grades from 10b to 13d.
  • Zip line
  • Suspension bridge

The main attractions are the caves, where you can admire the stalactites and stalagmites that have acquired whimsical shapes.

A fun activity is to kayak down the rapids of the Amacuzac River during the rainy season.

The rafting tour is 3 km long, ending in one of the national park caves that are not regularly open to the public, where the rock formations are shaped like melted candles.

What to see in the Cacahuamilpa Caves

The rock formations of the caves are distributed throughout the 19 halls that make up the grand gallery.

The multicolored illumination of the halls creates impressive effects on the rock structures.

The halls are illuminated and identified according to the colloquial names given to the striking silhouettes of the rock formations among them.

The names of the halls are:El Pórtico, Los Enamorados, Aurora, Los Tronos, El Panteón, Plaza de Armas, El Volcán, Pedregal del Muerto, Trompa de Elefante, La Botella de Champán and La Gloria y El Infierno.

The distance traveled by visitors is 2 km one way.

The halls have widths of over 42 m and heights exceeding 20 m. A landslide blocked part of the gallery, which according to a local legend, its total length is several kilometers.

The cavern was formed by an old subway riverbed of the San Jeronimo River, a subsoil current flowing about 100 meters below the cave.

Lodging in Las Grutas de Cacahuamilpa

The best hotels near the caves are in Guerrero’s Magical Town of Taxco de Alarcón.

  • Hotel Santa Paula, located at Lucia Alcocer de Figueroa, Huajojutla, has a beautiful colonial style harmoniously with Taxco’s architecture. It has a spa room and free Wi-Fi
  • De Cantera y Plata Hotel Boutique is Taxco’s most exclusive accommodation, with fantastic, beautifully decorated rooms, two restaurants, and a café-bar, spa, swimming pool, golf course (9 holes), tennis courts, and cable car
  • William Hotel: this beautiful property is adapted in one of downtown Taxco’s old houses. It is highly praised for its fine and rustic accommodations and amenities.

Where to eat

Food stands are on the outskirts of the caves to enjoy various dishes and typical Mexican cuisine.

There is an area with grills if you prefer to prepare something yourself. Like the hotels, the best restaurants near the caves are also in Taxco. El Taxqueño restaurant is located in the Hotel Montetaxco and serves the best Mexican food in an incomparable atmosphere. The restaurant Punto 925 is in the boutique hotel De Cantera y Plata, a cozy gastronomic space with contemporary Mexican and international cuisine.

They have the best wines in Mexico, and their cocktails are first-class. If you want to eat something less pricey and traditional, go to Cocina Económica IME, on Avenida de Los Plateros 119. Its menu is read on a blackboard, and everyone leaves satisfied with its seasoning and generous portions. The food is homemade, the tortillas are fresh, and there are magnificent views of the Pueblo Magico from the top floor.

Toni’s Restaurante, Pozolería Tía Calla, Cocina Económica Tia Male, and El Toque Romero are good places to eat at reasonable prices in Taxco.


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