How to Choose a Bitcoin Wallet?

How to Choose a Bitcoin Wallet? There are two acute steps to finding a Bitcoin wallet that is right for you. First, you need to agree what sort of crypto wallet you need, and then you consider particular wallets to find the best one for you.

Bitcoin wallets vary by security, convenience, coin support, and level of privacy, user interface, customer support, fees, built-in services, and other variables.

The most common difference between Bitcoin wallets is whether they are cold or hot. Cold wallets refer to offline storage, while hot wallets are linked to the internet most of the time.

The online wallets are more proper for daily use but stand unsecure, while offline wallets are less suitable for frequent use yet are more secure.

But, the distinction between the Bitcoin wallets doesn’t end there.

Five main types of Bitcoin wallets

There are five types of Bitcoin wallets that you can select from: hardware, desktop, mobile, web, and paper wallets.

Hardware wallets. These are Bitcoin wallets that pile your private keys on devices like USB sticks. Hardware wallets are regularly cold and very secure, but they also cost a lot of money, so it’s suggested to get one only if you plan to pile over $1000 value in crypto assets for a long time.

Popular hardware wallets include devices by:

  • Ledger
  • Trezor
  • KeepKey
  • BitLox



Desktop wallets. Desktop wallets are fixed on personal computers or laptops. If the device is continually connected to the internet, they categorize as hot. Mostly, they are regarded as secure, yet they are exposed to various malware and computer viruses.


Desktop wallet include:


  • Electrum
  • Jaxx
  • Exodus
  • Wasabi Wallet



Mobile wallets. Mobile wallets, similar to desktop ones, are software wallets. Unlike desktop Bitcoin wallets though, they are meaningfully smaller and simpler. They serve as a suitable on-the-go wallet for daily usage.


The wallet includes:



  • Jaxx
  • Breadwallet
  • Exodus
  • Electrum
  • SamouraiWallet
  • MyCelium


Web wallets. These are online wallets that are measured less safe than other types of wallets, yet they can be highly suitable. Web wallets include browser plugins, website wallets, exchange wallets. When it comes to the safety of web wallets, it is not recommended to keep considerable amounts of Bitcoin there.

Popular web wallets include:

  • Coinbase
  • Guarda
  • GreenAddress
  • Binance
  • Xapo
  • Rahakott



Paper wallets. Paper wallets are generally categorized as cold storage. The term “paper wallet” generally refers to a physical copy or paper print of your public and private keys. Other times it means software used to make a pair of keys along with a digital file for printing. Whichever the case, paper wallets can award you a relatively high level of security. You can use Bitcoin Paper Wallet Generator to generate a paper wallet for Bitcoin.

The key risk that comes with Bitcoin paper wallet is that it may not be strong enough, so you should consider its storage conditions before making one.

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