How to Make Money From Agriculture?


How to Make Money From Agriculture? Agriculture has been recognized from time to be the key source of wealth, income and economic development for any nation and Nigeria, is not an exclusion. Agriculture can be a very profitable business for farmers and investors alike as the cash crops, food and fruits made coupled with fish and snail farming and poultry business will always yield good income as food is a very significant commodity which people can never get weary of.

 10 ways to make money from Agriculture without owing a farm


  1. Investing in a farm: this is one of the main ways you can earn money without having a farm. You can either capitalize in someone’s farm by giving out money that is needed for the business and then make profits. There are also online farms which makes it easier to invest in a farm without been present there. You can also invest in a farm by giving out an extra piece of land to another person who has the time to help in working its for-profit purposes.


  1. Exportation of farm produce: you can also earn money from a farm by been in corporation with farmers to export their produce when collected to other states and countries where they are in need of them. Exportation of these farm produce such as cotton, cocoa, maize, millet, cowpea can be very stimulating but also rewarding with great profits.


  1. Selling of farm produce: you can also make money from agriculture by buying and selling farm produce in wholesale to consumers. You get these products at a low-cost rate directly from the farm and you can sell it at the price of your choice to vendors and consumers. You can either chose to be a supplier who partners with a farm to sell or be a retailer. also, you earn adequate income from the business.


  1. Farmland yield: farmland investors can make money from agriculture through the gathering of crops and fruits. These crops are either harvested monthly or annually on the farmland. This farmland harvest is beneficial to both the farmers and investors even when there is a loss, the farmer can still start all over again.



  1. Packaging and storing of farm produce: if you can organize food packaging very well that would be attractive to the consumers, then this is another good way to make money without owning a farm. A good and well packaged product is more eye-catching to the Customer. Packaging and storing of farm produce is also a excessive way to make money from agriculture.


  1. Agronomy consultancy: agronomy provides study background knowledge for farmers. They help to complement the traditional facts of the way farmers do their things with new technologies and tools to rise yields and produce tastier and healthier farm produce. You can make money from agriculture by interpreting advises to farmers on their crops and investments. Agronomy consultants are always in great demand.



  1. Farm transportation: transportation is a major challenge for farmers particularly, those on a small scale. Limited entrance to transportation can affect how a farmer will be capable to move his farm products into the market. In order to cut out this hardship, then farm transportation is required as it helps to move the harvests with ease. Transportation can be improved by buying a fleet of trucks and then connecting with farmers. Providing contact to transportation for farmers can create a strong profit.


  1. Online farming: this is more or less like the investment type of farming. In online farming, all you need to do is employ your money for the planting of a specific type of crop for a period and at the end of the planting season when the crops have been gathered and sold, you will get together your capital and profits. There are a lot of online farms which are legit and offers good recompenses.



  1. Selling of farm equipment: you can resolve farmer’s problems by the sale of farm equipment and machinery and the sale of high production seeds and crops, fertilizers, pesticides, for the effective and high production of farm produce. This is an additional great way of making a good income on agriculture.


  1. Teaching farming classes: If you are a farmer and you are self-reliant in your skill, you can share your knowledge with young farmers who would pay for your courses. You could start an online farming class which can be collaborating. This is a very good option for mature, experienced farmers who are looking for a giving up work option. Likewise, as a young farmer, if you are skilled and you have the ability to impart knowledge, you can also start your own class online about farming. Though, this can be very profitable for farmers who don’t just want to work on the field, but have the desire to share their knowledge with the next generation of farmers.


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