How to register for Nysc, Guidelines and directive for NYSC, Ten advices for Nysc Camp, Cool way to register Nysc, Do and don’t in Nysc process.



How to register for NYSC

Rules and regulation in NYSC

Ten advices for NYSC camp

Cool ways to register for NYSC

Do and don’t in NYSC registration

How to start your NYSC process


NYSC, happen to be the short way of peace immigration team in our dear nation Nigeria, choose by our great heroes to move from one place to another, for the good of our nation.

How to register for NYSC

  • GotoNo table of contents entries found. cybercafé. Or your phone.
  • Follow this link to register: nysc.org.ng/nysc1/
  • Fill in all the information given
  • Make a verification from your school before registration process
  • Pay for Remit to get your pin.

Rules and regulation in NYSC.

  • No mobilization for student below 30.
  • refundment of money after payment not allow
  •  student is not  allow to leave the camp
  •  extra dress apart from white not permitted
  • No sexual commitment
  • No one go to the camp with hot object
  • On one fight in the camp

 Ten Tips in NYSC Camp.

  1. Do not skim print by deputation. (Nobody must thumbprint for you; thumbprint must be done by you).
  2. Upload a vibrant identification photograph. Do not upload identification photograph putting on NYSC crested vest, you will not be recorded on camp if you fail to fulfill.
  3. Do not overlook the Username and Password used throughout your online registration.
  4. Apply for modification of spelling errors and reshuffle of names on your dashboard. It is ongoing even after the Orientation Exercise.
  5. Validate your records before submission to sidestep wrong details.
  6. If you have registered before and did not complete your Registration, do not generate a new account instead click on “Login Here” to continue your registration with your previous Username and Password.

Easy way to register for NYSC

  • Goto << https://www.cafegist.com.ng
  • Pay for the Remit and get your pin
  • Do your thump printing
  • Printout your green letter
  • Wait for your call-up letter.

Do and don’t in NYSC

Apply for Name Modification on your dashboard, Spelling errors, rearrangement, addition and removal of Name.

There is Addition of Date of Birth on Release Certificates. You are to safeguard that your Date of Birth is accurate on the NYSC Gateway, else use the spaces available on your dashboard to apply for modification, instantly after your Online Registration. Note that you cannot correct your Date of Birth after Campground Registration.

PCMs with wrongly uploaded Thumbprint and Passport Photographs during Online Registration communicate with States Secretariat before the beginning of the Orientation Exercise. No modification of passport photograph after registration on camp.

Part-time graduates are to register online so as to be talented to print their Prohibiting Letter on their dashboard when PCMs are enabled to print their Call-up Letters

How to Start Your NYSC process

Start your NYSC process from your school.



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