How to set Up POS Business in Nigeria

How to set Up POS Business in Nigeria

How to set up POS terminal work


How to set up POS terminal work

You have two choices for your POS terminal based on if its software is installed on site or is web-based. Daily operations to process sales is the same.

On-site software, installed on the terminal or your own server, used to be the custom, but these systems tend to be costlier than their web-based counterparts. You don’t need an internet connection, though, to process payments with on-site software, and data is stored locally.

Web-based POS terminals are more mutual today due to their easy format, which only requires logging into an online interface. You must have an internet connection to process credit cards, and data is stored online in the cloud.

How to set up POS terminal work:

Software setup

Before you start your POS terminal, you must set up your POS software:

  • Create your account locally, or login online.
  • Add the products or services customers will obtain.
  • Add business account and payment gateway info for credit card sales.
  • Set up sales tax rates.
  • Set up tipping options.
  • Customize receipts with business information and your return policy.
  • Create employee logins and manage permissions.
  • Connect to third-party software.

After the original software setup, sales interfaces are designed for easy use and need minimal training.

Hardware setup

Log into your web-based account, and connect any items you’re using to the POS terminal, comprising:

  • Card terminal
  • Barcode scanner
  • Receipt printer
  • Cash drawer

Process Transactions

Once your software and hardware are set up, you’re ready to process transactions:

  • Scan a product barcode, or get it from your terminal’s interface.
  • Use a card reader to initiate payment.
  • Have the customer approve the purchase.
  • Print/email a receipt.

As you route more transactions, you’ll collect the information necessary to capitalize on other POS terminal benefits: sales metrics and inventory and customer management.

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