In the cryptocurrency space airdrops are most important for traders which you earn for free without any payment. Airdrops are created or built under a particular crypto(coin) blockchain which enables the fairly distribution to its users.


Below are the following ways to identify a fake cryptocurrency Airdrops:

  • Asking for payment: In this case any airdrops you come across and you are told to pay a particular coin to them as fees count that as a scam because if you pay to them they will take away your coin without them giving you the airdrop (e.g. if you completed all the task and at the end you are ask to pay a 0.1 Tron to them as gas fees do not participate in that airdrop again before you get scam.
  • Asking for Private Keys: if you participated in any kind of airdrop and you are told to submit your private keys so as to detect if you are a human or a bot please do not share your private keys to them because if you do so, they may hack into your wallet and remove all your funds. If you mistakenly gave them your private keys do well to rush to wallet and remove your funds and put it in another wallet so as to avoid problems.
  • High Conversion Rate: Any Airdrop that assures thousands or millions of dollars of their unlisted Coins conversion is FAKE.

Following their Sponsored Channels: Any airdrop that ask you you to follow all their channels (e.g. facebook, twitter, telegram, Instagram etc.) are all scam.


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