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Apply for Jobs in Canada for Nigerian

Canada is a North American Country that has given a good number of Africans, and mainly Nigerians hassle free opportunities to reside, visit, work, and study in Canada without a form of discrimination . So many skilled Nigerians have left for Canada for exciting career opportunities and experience. This is because of the competitive salary, how conducive the working environment is, and the exceptional work-life-balance that immigrants enjoy. In this article, I will reveal how you can apply for jobs in Canada for Nigerian.

How to apply for Jobs in Canada for Nigerian

Moving to Canada for work is a major life decision. Doing your research and preparing properly can help maximize your chances of success. How to apply for a jobs in Canada for Nigerian is streamlined by first carefully doing a thorough finding before starting off the application process.

1. Update your CV

Before sending it out, you must prepare your CV to fit the Canadian job you want to apply for. Ensure that your current job, references, and correct contact do not miss from your CV. You can request recommendations from employers and clients to boost your job hunt, especially if you are using your LinkedIn profile.

2.Select the Companies You Want to Apply

Carry out your research on the company you are applying to and understand their goals and expectations for employing for that role.

3.Follow Up on Your Applications

It’s important to develop the habit of checking in on your job applications. If there hasn’t been any response from the companies, consider sending them an email. This demonstrates your proactive approach and genuine interest in the positions.

4.Get to Work on Networking

You should find networking opportunities at career fairs and job events in Nigeria. Most of these networking opportunities regularly come up in different countries. These events can help you meet people who have similar dreams of working in Canada or those who can help you.

Top 10 In-Demand Jobs in Canada for Nigerian

Based on the information provided by Statistics Canada and data we gathered from various job-seeking platforms such as Canada Job Bank, Indeed and LinkedIn, we are pleased to present a list of the top 10 jobs in high demand for the current and upcoming years.

1. Registered Nurse (RN)

Jobs in the healthcare sector remain in-demand in many provinces across Canada. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, nurses are in particularly short supply with many provinces having targeted PNP draws for registered nurses.

  • Average Annual Salary: $70,975.

2. Web Developers

A web developer is a specialist who is involved in the development of applications or and website development.

  • Average Annual Salary: $72,627

3. Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineer careers require the ability to design, analyses, and specify electrical systems.

  • Average Annual Salary: $91,832

5.  Welder

Canada expects to add 23,000 welding positions to the economy by 2028, making this profession in high demand.

  • Average Annual Salary: Between $18.00/hour and $41.10/hour

6. Veterinarian (Vet)

Like many places around the world, Canadian people love their pets. Though unfortunately, veterinarians are short in supply in Canada.

Average Annual Salary: $95,804

7. Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

For the same reasons as Registered Nursing, Licensed Practical tops the list of in-demand jobs in Canada.

  • Average Annual Salary: $55,564

8. Industrial Electrician

Working in this in-demand job in Canada, electricians enjoy some of the best jobs in the skilled trades. In particular, Industrial electricians are in high demand throughout the country.

  • Average Annual Salary: $68,000

9. Pharmacist

Pharmacists are responsible for distributing medicine and providing health consultations to advise about medicine. A pharmacist can build a career path by working in a hospital, a drugstore, or by starting their own pharmacy.

  • Average Annual Salary: $89,314

10. Accountant

Accountants are vital to the operations of a successful company. As businesses grow in a post-pandemic economy managing finances becomes an increasingly important factor in maintaining success.

  • Average Annual Salary: $56,257

Visa requirement for working in Canada?

To work in Canada, you need a work visa. Getting a job offer can help your work visa application. There are two types;

  • Open work permit
  • Employer-specific work permit.

The difference is that the employer-specific work permit only allows you to work for one employer.

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What documents are required for a Canada work visa

To apply for your Canadian work visa, you need the following documents ;

  • Positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment)
  • Written job offer from an employer in Canada
  • Education credential assessment report
  • Proof of funds
  • International Passport
  • Language test results
  • Proof of work experience
  • Provincial nomination (if available)
  • Police clearance
  • Medical report

List of Job boards you can use

S/N Job Board Type of Jobs on the website
1 Job bank All kinds of jobs including unskilled jobs in Canada
2 Official website of canadian Government All kinds of jobs both skilled and unskilled jobs in Canada
3 Indeed Canada All kinds of jobs especially professional jobs in Canada
4 Workopolis All kinds of jobs including jobs with visa sponsorships
5 SimplyHiredCanada All kinds of jobs including jobs for people with no experience
6 Eluta You will find a lot of corporate jobs from the Canadian regions on this website
7 Jooble Canada All kinds of jobs both skilled and unskilled jobs in Canada
8 Saskjobs Jobs available in the Saskatchewan region in Canada
9 Jobboom All kinds of jobs from both the French-speaking and English-speaking regions of Canada
10 Robert half A lot of professional jobs in Canada

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Should you move to Canada without a job?

In brief, no. Residing in Canada without employment can present considerable challenges. Nonetheless, your likelihood of securing a job in Canada is higher if you’re able to apply in person, especially for unskilled roles or if your experience is limited.

Formal education, such as a university degree, isn’t a requirement for living and working in Canada. Certain programs exist to educate individuals on successfully relocating without falling victim to scams by travel agents.


Securing a job in Canada is achievable through the utilization of job boards. If you’re considering living and working in Canada, leveraging job boards to apply for positions while in Nigeria is advisable. It’s crucial to ensure that your application stands out, as the job market in Canada can be highly competitive.

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