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Kentucky Pharmacist Association | Join Now

You are a Pharmacist by profession and may be interested in migrating to Kentucky, US or living in the US, providing health and care services to patient and environs, this article is important. Join the Kentucky Pharmacist Association, render care to patient, advance your career and Profession, proclaim and make positive impact within your field and across board.

Pharmacy Kentucky, KY

The Kentucky Pharmacists Association is the largest professional organization representing pharmacists in the Commonwealth and has been serving its members since 1879. KPhA is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.

Why Join Kentucky Pharmacist Association?

Enormous reasons authenticate your interest to become a member of the KPhA and include the following;

  1. Career strength and Advancement
  2. Advance Patient Care
  3. Network with others in your field
  4. Advocate for your Profession
  5. Proclaim your Professionalism
  6. Develop Leadership Skills
  7. Make positive impact
  8. Gain the competitive Edge

Members Benefit

  1. Reduced Meeting Rates
  2. FREE Regional Sip & Mingle Events
  3. Annual Subscription to the Kentucky Pharmacist
  4. FREE Career Center
  5. Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy
  6. Networking with Colleagues
  7. Access to State and National Resources on Pharmacy Related Issues
  8. Special Programs on Insurance and Financial Services Specifically Designed for Pharmacists by Pharmacists Mutual Companies
  9. Special Pricing on Quality Improvement Programs by the Alliance for Patient Medication Safety
  10. Discounts on Student Loan Refinancing through Sofi

Membership Options | Pharmacy KY

Joining the Pharmacy Association of Kentucky is simple and affordable depending on the membership options as follows;

  • Pharmacist Member
  • Associate Member
  • Retired Pharmacist
  • Senior Pharmacist (65+)
  • Pharmacist Student
  • New Practitioner 1st Year Member
  • New Practitioner 2nd Year Member
  • New Practitioner 3rd Year Member
  • Joint Pharmacist Member
  • Joint Retired Pharmacist
  • Technician
  • Technician Student
  • New Practitioner 1st Year – Technician
  • New Practitioner 2nd year – Technician
  • New Practitioner 3rd Year – Technician
  • JCAP Pharmacist Member
  • JCAP Associate Member
  • JCAP Joint Pharmacist Member
  • JCAP Retired Pharmacist Member
  • JCAP Technician
  • KPhA/JCAP Pharmacist Member
  • KPhA/JCAP Associate Member
  • KPhA/JCAP Technician
  • KPhA/JCAP New Practitioner – 1st Year
  • KPhA/JCAP Retired Pharmacist Member
  • KPhA/JCAP Joint Pharmacist Member
  • KPhA/JCAP Senior Member

How to Join Kentucky Pharmacist Association

To become member of the Kentucky Pharmacist Association, kindly follow the steps below;

  • Visit
  • Click the Join Link
  • Select Membership Option
  • Fill and Submit membership form
  • Pay all required Fees
  • Submit form

Pharmacy Kentucky Membership Rate

Note:  Membership in KPhA is based on an anniversary date, meaning your membership runs for one year from the time you join until the next year at that date. 

Active Membership:                                       $225
Joint Membership:                                          $335
Senior Pharmacist Member (65+):                   $150
Retired Member:                                            $120

New Practitioner First Year:                       Complimentary (Still must register by logging in to your profile)

New Practitioner Second Year:                  $70
New Practitioner Third Year:                       $140
Joint Retired:                                                     $180
Associate Member:                                        $225
Technician Member:                                      $50 (Academy of Pharmacy Technicians Membership is
free, but you still must check this option on your profile.)
Academy of Consultant Pharmacists:      $15 (in addition to KPhA Membership)

Some Related Questions Asked by Pharmacist

How do I get a pharmacy license in Kentucky?


To get Kentucky Pharmacist License, the following is required;

  1. 1500 internship hours.
  2. Degree from an accredited College of Pharmacy.
  3. Good moral character.
  4. Must pass the MPJE.
  5. Must pass the NAPLEX.
  6. No criminal record.

How do I become a pharmacy Preceptor in Kentucky?

Do you asked to become a Preceptor?

Yes, Pharmacists looking forward toserving as preceptors must have been licensed in Kentucky for not less than one year and must submit a request to the Board office. This request may be submitted via [email protected], fax or regular mail.

Can pharmacists prescribe in Kentucky?

A new executive order from Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (D) has expanded prescribing rights to pharmacists in light of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The law allows for Kentucky pharmacists to fill prescriptions for 30 days, including an emergency refill if they are not able to make contact with a patient’s physician.