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KSU School Fees Payment Portal 2021/2022

KSU  School Fees Payment Portal 2021/2022 is open, See all Fees for all Departmentsksu school fees payment

You are interested to know about the KSU  School Fees for New Students (Fresher’s) and Returning Students, payment methods and list of banks to pay, School Fees payment procedures, semester by semester fees for all departments, and lots more.

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KSU   School Fees Portal

KSU   School Fees Breakdown for 2020/2021

How to Pay KSU   School Fees.

KSU  School Fees Portal

This is to alert all New and Returning students of the KSU  that the KSU  School Fees Payment Portal for the 2020/2021 Session has been activated. New and returning students can now pay their school fees.

See how to make payment below;

100 Level & DE 
200 Level
DepartmentsIndigenes Non IndigenesIndigenesNon-Indigenes
Agric-Econs and ExtensionN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Agricultural Economics/ExtensionN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Animal ProductionN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Animal ScienceN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Arabic and Islamic StudiesN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Arabic Language and LiteratureN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Arabic StudiesN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Banking And FinanceN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Biological SciencesN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Broadcast JournalismN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Business AdministrationN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Christian Religious Knowledge/StudiesN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Computer ScienceN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Crop ProductionN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Crop ScienceN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Drama/Dramatic/Performing/Theatre ArtsN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
English and Literary StudiesN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
English LanguageN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Environmental Resources ManagementN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Food Science and TechnologyN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Geography and Planning ScienceN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
History and International StudiesN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Home Science and ManagementN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Islamic StudiesN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Law and DiplomacyN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Management StudiesN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Mass CommunicationN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Philosophy and Religious StudiesN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Political ScienceN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Public AdministrationN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Public Relations and AdvertisingN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Remote Sensing and Geographical Information SystemN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Rural DevelopmentN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Social WorkN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Soil and Environmental ManagementN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Soil ScienceN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Theatre ArtsN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Transport ManagementN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000
Urban and Regional PlanningN57,500100,000N46,500N89,000

How to Pay KSU  School Fees.

For you to pay KSU  School Fees, go to KSU   payment Portal, generate invoice, pay in bank/online, revisit the portal and complete payment. You can as well print evidence of payment on the portal.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Login to KSU Portal @ www.ksu.edu.ng
  2. On your student dashboard page there is a session that shows PAY ONLINE.
  3. Click on it and you will see options to choose the service you want to pay for (either acceptance fees or school fees).
  4. Choose how you want to make your payment (option to pay online with cards or to pay through bank)t
  5. Proceed to make your payment and print out your payment receipt.

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