Work in Canada as Skilled Doctor, Nurse, Engineer, IT Specialist

Work in Canada as Skilled Doctor, Nurse, Engineer

Work in Canada? Lots of individuals are looking forward to moving to Canada to work, the good news is that Canada is looking for a skilled and competent workforce to fill various positions. In various regions in Canada, there are lots of openings for skilled foreigners to work.

To get the highest paid jobs in Canada, get the comparative and qualifying documents to apply. Most highest paying Jobs in Canada are based on some regions needing workers to fill various positions. If you are looking for jobs in Canada with the highest paying scale, read through this article.

What Do You Need to Travel with?

Several documents are necessary even before planning to move abroad to study or work. Among these documents, international passports, job offer letters, work permits, and others are vital documents. Let me discuss further.

  • You must have a valid International Passport from your home country before embarking on international travel and entry into Canada.
  • You must also have a Job Offer Letter from a Canadian employer, including details about the position, salary, working conditions, and any other relevant information.
  • You must have a Work Permit to legally work in Canada. Depending on the type of work, different work permits can be obtained, be it, open work permits or employer-specific work permits.
  • Temporary Resident Visa (Visitor Visa
  • Those from Visa-exempt countries should have Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to Canada.
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), though optional, If required, a copy of the LMIA issued by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) for employer-specific work permits should be submitted.
  • Have Language Proficiency Test Results, such as IELTS or CELPIP, to demonstrate your English or French language skills.
  • Copies of your educational certificates, degrees, diplomas, and any professional certifications or licenses that are relevant to your job.
  • Biometric Data: If required, the biometric receipt or confirmation of your biometric data submission, including fingerprints and photo.
  • Medical Examination Results: If your occupation or situation requires it, proof of a medical examination to show that you’re in good health.
  • A police clearance certificate from your home country or any country where you’ve lived for an extended period if required.
  • Resume/CV: A detailed resume or curriculum vitae outlining your work experience, education, skills, and relevant accomplishments.
  • Recent passport-sized photographs that meet Canada’s photo specifications for identification and documentation.
  • It’s also advisable to have travel insurance to cover medical emergencies, unexpected events, and travel-related issues.
  • Information about where you plan to stay in Canada initially, such as a hotel reservation or a letter from your host.

Working in Canada as Surgeons and Specialists | Medical Professionals

Looking for work in Canada from Nigeria or other countries is a great decision. Canada seeks to recruit skilled graduates into their sectors in any province provided you meet the necessary requirement. Canada’s healthcare system offers excellent opportunities for medical professionals, including surgeons, specialists, and general practitioners. With competitive salaries and a strong demand for healthcare services, medical experts from Nigeria can thrive in this dynamic environment.

To work as a surgeon in Canada, you need to complete a medical degree (MD) from a recognized medical school. After completing medical school, you’ll typically need to complete a residency program in your chosen surgical specialty. As a foreigner, ensure your certification is from a recognized medical school, after which you will be required to attached a copy of licensing documents. Also get certification as Surgeons in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC).

In terms of language proficiency, Canada is mixed in different languages. Proficiency in English or French is required for effective communication.

List of Companies to Apply for Work in Canada as a Surgeons

Hospitals and Medical Facilities in Canada:

  1. Toronto General Hospital (University Health Network) – Toronto, Ontario
  2. St. Michael’s Hospital – Toronto, Ontario
  3. Vancouver General Hospital (Vancouver Coastal Health) – Vancouver, British Columbia
  4. McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) – Montreal, Quebec
  5. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre – Toronto, Ontario
  6. Mount Sinai Hospital – Toronto, Ontario
  7. Ottawa Hospital – Ottawa, Ontario
  8. Alberta Children’s Hospital – Calgary, Alberta
  9. Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (University Health Network) – Toronto, Ontario
  10. Hamilton Health Sciences – Hamilton, Ontario

Specialties and Areas of Expertise:

  1. Cardiac Surgery
  2. Neurosurgery
  3. Orthopedic Surgery
  4. General Surgery
  5. Plastic Surgery
  6. Pediatric Surgery
  7. Gastroenterology
  8. Urology
  9. Oncology (Cancer Specialists)
  10. Ophthalmology (Eye Surgeons)

Working in Canada as Petroleum Engineers and IT Specialists

For Nigerians with a background in engineering, Canada’s booming industries recruits talents in sectors such as petroleum and information technology. High demand for petroleum engineers and IT specialists ensures not only substantial pay but also room for career growth and innovation.

List of Companies to Apply for Work in Canada as a Petroleum Engineer

  1. Suncor Energy
  2. Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL)
  3. Imperial Oil
  4. Husky Energy
  5. Cenovus Energy
  6. Enbridge Inc.
  7. TC Energy
  8. ExxonMobil Canada
  9. Chevron Canada
  10. ConocoPhillips Canada

List of Companies to Apply for Work in Canada as a IT Specialists

  1. Shopify
  2. IBM Canada
  3. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Canada
  4. Microsoft Canada
  5. CGI Group
  6. Scotiabank
  7. RBC (Royal Bank of Canada)
  8. TD Bank Group
  9. Bell Canada
  10. Rogers Communications

Working in Canada as Investment Bankers and Financial Analysts

Canada’s robust financial sector provides a promising landscape for Nigerian finance professionals. Investment bankers and financial analysts can tap into the country’s economic growth and contribute to shaping its financial landscape while enjoying attractive compensation packages.

Financial Institutions and Companies in Canada:

  1. RBC Capital Markets
  2. TD Securities
  3. BMO Capital Markets
  4. Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets
  5. CIBC World Markets
  6. National Bank Financial
  7. Desjardins Securities
  8. Canaccord Genuity
  9. Morgan Stanley Canada
  10. J.P. Morgan Canada

Roles and Specializations:

  1. Investment Banking Analysts
  2. Equity Research Analysts
  3. Fixed Income Analysts
  4. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Analysts
  5. Portfolio Managers
  6. Financial Consultants
  7. Corporate Finance Analysts
  8. Risk Analysts
  9. Asset Management Analysts
  10. Quantitative Analysts (Quants)

Other High Paying Jobs in Canada in 2024

Here are the top 15 jobs in Canada with average annual salaries in 2024.

Occupation Average Annual Salary in CAD
Administrative assistant $43, 875
Customer service representative $34, 125
Sales associate $37, 050
Driver $44, 234
Accounts payable and receivable clerk $34, 750
Registered nurse $80, 126
Project manager $90, 675
General labourer $31, 919
Welder $43, 875
Electric engineer $74, 997
Software developer $85, 600
Merchandiser $31, 346
Accountant $58, 500
HR manager $78, 975
Financial advisor $77, 739

How Much Does a Canadian Work Visa Cost for Nigerians?

When you submit your work permit application in Canada from Nigeria, you must pay an application processing fee. When you apply for the first time, you will be given a work permit as well as a visa to enter Canada. You may be eligible to bring your dependent family members to Canada with you.

Visa Type Cost
Work permit $155 per person
Work permit extension $155 per person
Open work permit $100 per person

Other Jobs in Canada:

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