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Madeira Portugal | The Island of Eternal Spring

Madeira Portugal

Madeira has a perfect climate, never too hot, never too cold. Madeira is a perfect destination for leisure activities, sports activities, rest or rejuvenation in hotels immersed in nature or luxury hotels; everything you dream of is in Madeira.

Come trekking, watch the dolphins or rest on the beaches of Porto Santo. Madeira is the perfect destination to discover all year long with family, lovers, and friends. The temperature is almost the same throughout the day, neither too hot nor too cold; do not expect a white Christmas in Madeira but you will enjoy a stroll in the beautiful Christmas market dressed simply in a t-shirt that will be good enough to face 18 degrees/ 64 Fahrenheit, average at this time of the year.

Madeira is a pioneering destination in the fight against Covid-19. Ranked among the Safest Destinations in Europe on the basis of precise criteria such as the low number of Covid-19 cases (up to 80 times less than in the rest of Europe) but also effective health measures (tests, masks, social distancing, availability of sanitary gel).  Madeira has been able to combine safety and leisure to offer holidays with peace of mind for travellers seeking escape, discovery and relaxation.

Thanks to, travellers can easily and without any stress prepare their trip to Madeira. While masks are mandatory in markets, covered places and busy streets, it is not mandatory in your leisure activities, at the beach or during nature walks.  You can safely enjoy relaxed holidays in Madeira.

Discovery: 1418–1419
Calling code: +351 (291)
Capital: Funchal
Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)
GDP (nominal): 2023 (Fitch) estimate
Government: Autonomous Region
Postal code: 90nn-94nn

How to get to Madeira

Book your flights to Funchal and your accommodation, tours & activities in Madeira.

Where to stay at Madeira

“Hotel Porto Mare – Portobay” offers 4 restaurants, 6 bars and 5 swimming pools.

Visit Madeira Islands

Madeira is not only an island but eight exceptional islands rich in discoveries and precious memories. Some are wild and uninhabited, others are lined with beautiful golden beaches, all of them offering an incredible wildlife and flora.

Discover, in the softness of a subtropical climate throughout the year, landscapes of unusual diversity in one of the finest destinations in Europe. Welcome to an unforgettable destination, welcome to Madeira!

Full of trees and flowers, where summers are mild, and winters are soft, Madeira is a sunny place full of history and beauty. About 600 miles South West of Lisbon, millions of years ago a volcano erupted and from there emerged an island. That was Henry the Navigator’s first discovery, and because of its large variety of trees, he named it “Madeira” (Wood).

Best things to do in Madeira

The archipelago of Madeira is a perfect place for lovers of unique landscapes, unspoiled nature, adventure and gastronomy.

Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple with family or friends, our team has selected for you the best activities and things to see in Madeira. Discover the most beautiful views of the sea and the forest, the gardens not to be missed and the best guided tours around the island.

Best time to visit Madeira Islands?

It is almost always sunny in Porto Santo and Funchal and the Southern coast of the island of Madeira. Humidity is much more common on the hills in the center of the island and on the North coast. As far as temperatures are concerned, the South is warmer but overall Madeira enjoys a mild temperature all year round with temperatures between 16 and 26 degrees.

So when to go? The vegetation is at its best in Spring and Summer but Autumn can be very mild. The winter climate although more humid remains mild and attracts many visitors during the Christmas holiday season for the famous festival of fireworks known as one of the largest in the world. In fact you will enjoy clement weather in the islands of Madeira at any time.

Best months to visit Madeira : all year round

Getting to Madeira

As you can imagine, you don’t get to Madeira by train. Many travellers discover Madeira during a cruise; experiencing the wonder of early explorers who first landed on Madeira is amazing but you really need more than one day to do the islands justice. There is so much to discover and learn about the people, the climate, the geography and Madeira’s history. We recommend travellers to fly to Madeira and plan to stay at least 5 to 7 days.

Book early to secure a budget ticket with TAP, our recommended operator. The Portuguese staff of this former national airline will give you a warm welcome as soon as you step into the plane.

Where to stay in Madeira?

A large number of the hotels and accommodations that the island offers are in Funchal ,the main city of Madeira. Most of the inhabitants live along the south coast of the island; the climate on the north coast can be wetter but it offers beautiful landscapes that should not be missed.

Staying in Funchal is therefore a good choice to discover the island as tours and activities start from that place. If you want to spend the night in nature you will find many rural accommodation all over the island. Often called “Quinta” these are old farms converted into tourist accommodation. One of the best hotels on the island is probably the Quinta do Furao located in Santana on the north coast of Madeira.

If you have the opportunity a short stay in Porto Santo, the other inhabited island of the Madeira Archipelago, may be a good choice. The island is not very big but it has a beautiful sandy beach and a golf course open all year round; the hotel Pestana Porto Santo Beach is ideally located on the beach. The island is connected daily by ferry from Funchal.

Moving around Madei

Whether on foot, by rental car or taxi, by bike or any other means, there are many ways to discover Madeira.

Many travellers opt for the rental car, but do keep in mind that Madeira is very hilly with very winding roads; drive carefully and allow plenty of time to explore the island.

If you stay only on the south side of the island, you can do almost everything on foot, but a trip to Madeira would be incomplete without a visit to the forests of Madeira and the entire Northern part of the island. In short, either by boat (Santa Marina, Porto Santo Blue Lines) classic car (Forte S.Tiago), bus, rental car, on foot or by bike, there are a thousand possibilities to discover Madeira.

Tours and activities

Madeira is an island rich in activities, especially for nature lovers. Whether you want to visit Funchal and its surroundings, to discover unique places such as the cliffs of Cabo Girao or the fishing village of Camara de Lobos or  go hiking , we recommend to book your visits in advance.

Most of the tours include a pick-up service between your hotel and the activity venue. In addition to the practical aspect you will benefit from the explanations and advice of a professional guide.

Best activities for nature lovers in Madeira

Madeira is a destination for nature lovers. This tropical paradise has unique flora and fauna. You will be dazzled by the colour and scent of the tasty exotic fruits on the stalls of traditional markets. You will swim in natural pools classified among the most beautiful natural pools in Europe. You will live experiences and adventures in the heart of unspoiled nature in Madeira, the paradise for nature lovers. This will be the trip of a lifetime!

Here dandelions are huge and lilies of the valley are more like bushes. Discover the exceptionally rich and luxuriant nature of Madeira’s green lungs in the Parque Florestal das Queimadas.

Located a few minutes’ drive from Santana and its traditional houses ranked among the best instagrammable spots of Madeira, Queimadas is a must-see for nature lovers and families.

Plan to get there in the morning as the road is very narrow and not easy for passing cars. Your walk begins with the discovery of incredible houses with thatched roofs. One houses a tiny café that offers delicious homemade cakes, the other is a museum of traditions. There are also miniature reproductions of typical houses in Santana with their geese and ducks for children to enjoy.

Walk just 200 m and penetrate the forest to leave civilization and discover the best of Madeira. As a family, you can walk a few km and retrace your steps if the road is too narrow or difficult for your children. Others can walk on to Caldeirao Verde. Watch the weather before you decide to go. Better to discover this exceptional place on a sunny day than in the mist.

A walk of almost 7km (allow 5 hours of walking) will take you from the “Parque Florestal das Queimadas” to Caldeirao Verde at an altitude of almost 1000m. It is a perfect trail for lovers of exotic flora and fauna. Many endemic plants of the island can be observed on this trail.

After 4 tunnels and a bit of walking, you will discover Caldeirao Verde and will keep memories of it for a lifetime.

Which country is Madeira in?

Madeira Islands, Portuguese Arquipélago da Madeira, archipelago of volcanic origin in the North Atlantic Ocean, belonging to Portugal.

Do they speak English in Madeira?

Portuguese is the official language in Madeira. It is worth picking up a few key phrases if you want to be polite, such as ‘please’, ‘thank you,’ etcetera, although English is widely spoken in tourist areas. People who have visited the Portuguese mainland may notice a thicker accent in Madeira.


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