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Mike the Headless Chicken Fest |

Mike the Headless Chicken Fest – Colorado

This annual clucking festival is a celebration & remembrance of the life of Mike the headless chicken and his unbelievable survival spirit. Mike was a Chicken which never gave up.

In 1945 a rooster named mike was decapitated by a farmer but strangely he had just enough brain power to continue living for another 18 months!

The farmer kept him alive by feeding him using special techniques such as an eye dropper with a milk/water mix. In the end he died by choking on a kernel of corn.

History of Mike the Headless Chicken Fest 

The event that inspired this festival is almost unbelievable. In 1945, a young couple was planning to cook a young rooster for dinner. Lloyd Olsen, the husband, was sent out to slaughter the rooster.

Knowing that his mother-in-law (who liked chicken necks) would be joining them for dinner, he killed the chicken by striking low on its neck with an ax, leaving the neck as intact as possible. The chicken staggered around, but amazingly; he didn’t die. Olsen found him the next morning sleeping and attempting to peck for food.

Eventually, Olsen started feeding him with an eyedropper, and after he was brought to the University of Utah for study, it was determined that the ax had missed Mike’s jugular and most of his brainstem. He lived for another 18 months and was known as “The Headless Wonder Chicken”.

After touring the country and gaining 6 pounds(!), he died. His spirit is celebrated through the annual Mike the Headless Chicken Festival.

Festival Highlights

Fun Facts about Mike the Headless Chicken Fest

Mike the Headless chicken has now become a source of inspiration for many “Miracle Mike” and even a cult. There was even a campaign run called: “mike the headless chicken for president”.

Mike the Headless Chicken Fest  Highlights

  • The Story of Mike the Headless chicken
  • How he survived and lived?
  • 5k Fun Run
  • Disc golf Tournament
  • Games & Entertainment
  • Chicken Wing eating contest.

When is Mike the Headless Chicken Festival ?

May 29th

Where is the Mike the Headless Chicken Festival ?

Fruita, Colorado

What is the story behind the headless chicken in Fruita?

What is the story of Fruita’s “headless chicken”? Mike is a chicken who lived for 18 months without a head after escaping the fate of becoming dinner. It all started with the Olsen family, who were farmers living in Fruita, Colorado in September of 1945.

What is Fruita Colorado known for?

Known for its dinosaur remnants and Mike the Headless Chicken, Fruita is an interesting Western Colorado destination.

Why is Colorado known for?

Colorado is noted for its landscape of mountains, forests, high plains, mesas, canyons, plateaus, rivers, and desert lands. Colorado is one of the Mountain States and is often considered to be part of the southwestern United States
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