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Nantucket, MA
Nantucket, a tiny, isolated island off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is a summer destination with dune-backed beaches. It’s marked by unpainted cedar-shingled buildings, many surrounded by manicured privets. The wharves and cobblestoned streets of the Town of Nantucket are lined with restaurants, high-end boutiques and steepled churches. The town’s Whaling Museum recounts the island’s role as a 19th-century whaling hub. ― Google
Weather: 19°C, Wind E at 16 km/h, 95% Humidity .
Elevation: 9.14 m
Population: 11,327 (2018)
Area: 272.7 km²
Area code: 508
Incorporated: 1671
Settled: 1641

Things To Do at Massachusetts

What is there to do in Massachusetts? Ride on a giant duck or swan. Find out why “chowda” is better than chowder. See where Paul Revere rode, how the pilgrims lived, and walk along the Freedom Trail. “Ooh” and “aah” at the gorgeous beaches, breathtaking mountains, and world-class art. See where the curse was reversed, feed a sea lion lunch, take your family on the trip of a lifetime. Whatever you’re into, here’s your guide to all the amazing things you can do in Massachusetts.

Food & Drink at Massachusetts

Feed your inner foodie in Massachusetts. Whet your appetite with fresh seafood from the Atlantic, like steamed lobster, fried clams, or New England clam chowder. Dig into a plate of authentic Italian food in Boston’s North End. Indulge in a wide array of cuisine considered some of the best in the country. And save room for dessert, because Massachusetts is known for both Boston Cream Pie and a preoccupation with perfecting homemade ice cream. Practice makes perfect, and we’ve been practicing for a long, long time.

In which state is Nantucket located?

Nantucket is an island about 30 miles (50 km) south from Cape Cod. Together with the small islands of Tuckernuck and Muskeget, it constitutes the Town and County of Nantucket, a combined county/town government in Massachusetts, a U.S. state.

Which country is Nantucket Massachusetts?

Nantucket is a town, a county, and an island in the state of Massachusetts. Our island is located approximately 30 miles off the eastern coast of the United States and is accessible by air and by water.

What language is Nantucket?

The Island

Nantucket Island “The Faraway Land” as translated from the language of the native Wampanoag tribe is located 30 miles off the south coast of Cape Cod. The island is 14 miles in length and 3 1/2 miles wide.

Are there any towns in Nantucket?

The Top 4 Nantucket Neighborhoods Worth Exploring | Anchor Inn
Siasconset, better known to locals as ‘Sconset, is the only other designated town other than Downtown Nantucket on the island. With a population of 205, it is home to some of Nantucket’s wealthiest homeowners. And for a good reason—the town is filled with some of the most spectacular landscapes on the island.
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