National Identification Number NIN – How to Register

The NATIONAL IDENTITY NUMBER(NIN) is the registration for every Nigerian and Legitimate Neighborhood from the age of 16 years. Below the age of 16 years have to be registered as minors.

National Identity Number Supporting Documents

Go to the nearest NIMC Registration Centre with your BVN. If you have one and any of the following required Original and Valid supporting documents, as follow, ’s;

  1. National ID Card(OLD).
  2. Motorist’s Ticket(license).
  3. Voting Card (Temporary or Permanent.)
  4. Nigerian International passport(NIP).
  5. Your Certificate of Origin.
  6. Confirmation letter from a prominent ruler in your society.
  7. Birth of certificate.
  8. Age Declaration.
  9. Confirmation letter from the religious and traditional rule.
  10. National Health Insurance Scheme ID card.
  11. Government workforce ID card.
  12. Registered private organization staff ID card.
  13. School ID Card (private or public).
  14. Tax Clearance documentation.
  15. Valid immigration forms.

National Identity Number Processes for Capturing Applicants of 16 years (Adult Enrolment):

  • The candidate walks into the registration Centre with a backup document.
  • The aspirant will be confirmed to find out if he or she has been registered using the NIN confirmation portal.
  • The interviewee will be given a registration form to fill if he or she has not yet been registered. OR the printed Barcode slip will be accepted if the candidate had been pre-enrolled earlier.
  • The candidate’s forms will be checked by a NIMC official to double-check the material filled on the form with the backup document provided to check for more errors and mistake-filled on the form.

Note: applicants that cannot read or write should be escorted by a knowledgeable individual who can do the form filling for him or her.

  • Aspirants will pre-filled the information which will be recorded into the NIMC Software by a NIMC registration officer or the Barcode slip will be scanned by the NIMC registration officer to fill all the required fields.
  • The employment officer will ask the candidate to double-check his or her data for errors checking in the applicant monitor.
  • If the applicant is happy with his or her demographic data, the biometrics (Fingerprints and Facial images) of the candidate will be captured.
  • After the registration, a Transaction ID Slip will be sent to the candidate as evidence of the transaction. In other words, the Transaction slip does not verify the right to National Identification Number. The National Identification Number (NIN) is delivered to the candidates after processing.
  • The National ID Card will be given out to the applicant within twelve months after the Issuance of NIN without any unexpected circumstances.

National Identity Number

Our Dependencies

  • Provision of the NIMS Backend.
  • Accessibility of Network for data transmission.
  • Provision of power for the enrolment system.

Types of Enrolment Processes

Self Service

This is also known as the “walk in and do it yourself” process of registration whereby an individual walks into an Enrolment Centre and fills the Enrolment Form. The concluded form is given over to the Enrolment Office who captures the biometric data of the interviewee and processes the data in the finished Enrolment Form.

Assisted Service

This is also known as the “walk-in and get assistance from a Support Officer” method of enrolment. This involves the same steps by step procedures as the Self Service above, in this instance the candidate cannot fill the Enrolment Form on his or her own and walks into the Enrolment Centre to be helped by a Support Officer whose duty is to guide the candidate in filling the Enrolment Form with the required data.


The Mobile-Service process involves an applicant registering for the NIN by going to any Mobile Enrolment Stations available in his or her locality at any point in time. This method is effective and accomplished after the biometric data of the candidate is captured and the data is filled in the Enrolment Form processed by the Enrolment Officer at the station.

How to register NIN online?

Download the enrolment form online

Go to:

Fill the forms in block letters

Go to the enrolment Centre for biometrics capturing to obtain your National Identification Number (NIN).

Note: The enrolment form can be picked also at the NIMC’S ERC.


How do I check my NIN details online?

To check for your National Identity Number (NIN) card,

visit the National Identity Management Commission website-

Scroll down the homepage

Click on ID Card Status Portal to check if your card is now ready at the center.

Downloading and Printing the Slip
Go to: online portal.

How do I get my NIN number?

USSD pin for NIN Retrieval

Dial *346#

Select “NIN Retrieval”, by typing in ‘1’

follow the steps shown on your screen

provide the required inputs.

How can I register my SIM card with NIN?

Dial *785#

Dial-in your 11 Digit National Identification Number

Then send

The window will pop up telling you that “your NIN has been successfully received”.

How do I link my NIN?


Dial *785*Your NIN#

The number will be linked to your NIN automatically


How do I get my lost NIN slip?

Pay a token of 500 naira through REMITA at any bank, offer your REMITA teller to any NIMC Enrolment Centre, and request for a NIN slip print.


Can I use Nin to open a bank account?

The Federal Government has announced that the National Identity Number (NIN) is compulsory for transactions;

opening of bank account

voter’s registration

payment of tax


How do I find my NIN number with a tracking ID card?

Dial *346#

visit any of the NIN enrollment centers with your tracking ID to print your NIN

How do I print my NIN slip using tracking ID?

Dial *346#

visit any of the NIN enrollment centers with your tracking ID to print your NIN

How can I get the NIN number from BVN?

Go to the NIN enrollment center’s

Give your BVN and ID card

Provide the required information and

Your fingerprints

How can I upgrade my bank account with my NIN?

You must have your ID card or your utility bill to upgrade your bank account in Nigeria.


Can I register Nin twice?

The Enrolment Form for NIN is Once in a Lifetime


How long does it take for NIN to be validated?

It takes only 1-5 days for your NIN to be ready after registration


How Many SIMs Can I register with my NIN?

Seven SIM cards only

How do I link my Nin to another number?

Dial *785#

Enter your NIN




  Link NIN to MTN Number

*785*Your NIN#



Download MyMTN App to submit your NIN information.

 Link NIN to Glo Number

As a Glo subscriber.

Send “UPDATENIN with NIN First Name and Last Name

To 109.

 Link NIN to Airtel Number

Just dial *121*1# to link.

 Link NIN to 9Mobile Number


Dial *200*8#



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