Nigeria Police Supplementary Qualified Candidates

Nigeria Police Supplementary Qualified Candidates

Nigeria Police Supplementary Qualified Candidates: Nigerian POLICE Supplementary Batch 31 NNR31/NNR32 Qualified Candidates The Nigerian POLICE is out the list of candidates qualified for their Batch 31 NNR31 Recruitment Exercise and candidates who did not find their names on the first list can now check the Supplementary List.

Did you applied for the Nigerian POLICE Batch 31 Recruitment and cannot find your name on the list of candidates to be present training listed for 1-16th April 2021? If yes, then read this post to know the date for supplementary list and exam list.

How to Check Nigerian POLICE Supplementary Batch 31 List?

The questions many candidates who doesn’t find their names on the list ask is, will there be a supplementary list for this year Batch 31 and 32 NNR31/32 recruitment exercise at all?

The answer is not yes presently the supplementary list is available.

Docs to download

Nigerian POLICE Batch 31 NNR31/32 Supplementary List of Qualified Candidates

Check: Nigerian POLICE DSSC 28 Aptitude Test Shortlisted Candidates

So if you wish to be informed when the Nigerian POLICE lastly announcements the second Supplementary List of Qualified candidates and also the supplementary training date and screening exercise for efficacious candidates then leave a comment below, turn on post notifications and you will be notified instantly the list is out.

How to Check Nigerian POLICE Qualified Candidates PDF?

Presently, Nigerian POLICE Qualified Candidates is not yet available. But once the list is out candidates can now check for their names as soon as it is available online.

Information reaching us has it that the POLICE qualified we soon be available on Nigerian POLICE Portal –

Note that, qualified candidates will speedily have to pass through Assortment of Board Interview in agreement with the Nigerian POLICE recruitment procedure principles. The Nigerian POLICE will choose candidates that pass the aptitude test screening exercise. Though, the assortment of board interview will have started on a selected date.

Significant Note About Nigeria POLICE Select

Earlier we told you that, Nigerian POLICE recruitment select for selection of board interview has not been out online.

Look, the Nigerian POLICE is set to issue the select online through

Though, from our own end, we will make certain that we inform you with all firsthand information regarding Nigerian POLICE.

So, do you wish to be conversant about Nigerian POLICE Qualified Candidates? Then, ADD YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS HERE for the list of qualified candidates for Nigerian POLICE.

When is Nigerian POLICE Screening Date?

Inappropriately, the POLICE screening date has not been proclaimed yet?

But, when POLICE qualified candidates names pdf for screening exercise is available the screening is supposed to take place within few weeks from the date of publication.

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