NIN Verification *346# | Do it Yourself

NIN Verification : Do it Yourself

I greet you Brother/Sister, Daddy, and Mummy, Angel and sweetheart.

I brought the important discussion and special education to you. I didn’t say you were not educated. Pardon me. I just want to give you guidelines on how to Check and Verify your National Identity Number (NIN) at home by yourself without having to queue up at the registration point or calling plenty of people for assistance.

What is NIN?

NIN as a common abbreviation stands for National Identification Number. This NIN is a unique number assigned to Nigerian Citizens as an identity in the Country. This is important because NIN contains important information about Nigerian citizens. This information is stored in the National Identity Management Database. Such information includes the Demographic data, Biometric data and Digital Signature, Finger-prints, Head-to-Shoulder Facial Image/picture.

How to Check/verify NIN Yourself:

I will begin with the following steps:

Using USSD Code

This method requires you to use your phone to dial a code: *346# to retrieve the already registered NIN.

To do it now, follow the step;

  1. Dial in your phone *346#
  2. You will see a message “Welcome to NIMC USSD Service. Press 1 to retrieve your NIN or 2 to cancel”
  3. Press 1 on your keypad.
  4. You will see another message telling you “your request Is being processed”
  5. a message containing an 11-digit number would have been sent to your phone and or displayed on your screen.
  6. Congratulations you are done.

You should get your registered NIMC number from your phone screen.

In the following short video guide, you will see that even with a small ITEL Phone, you can still get your NIN number sent to you. It doesn’t matter the kind of device used, NIN is easy to get.

Why NIN will not show on your Phone:

  1. NIN will not show on your phone if you dial the code on a Sim card you didn’t use in the process of registration.
  2. NIN will not also show if you don’t have a network signal on your phone.
  3. NIN will not show if your line is barred from service.

Using the USSD Code on your cell phone is applicable to all Networks: Glo, 9mobile, Airtel, and MTN.

What are the Uses of NIN to Nigerian Citizens?

You will find this information useful

In what Instances do you need NIN?

In modern life in Nigeria, technology has changed the way things are done and how it affects us as individuals. As technology grows to affect the economic, social, political life of the Nigerian, so is the way it affects us directly.

In this regard, we have put across some of the things we have noticed where the National Identification Number is being used and how beneficial it is.

Some of the ways but a few includes;

  1. Driver’s License Registration
    It is no doubt that with NIN, registration, and verification of Road users in the Federal Road Safety Commission Database is easy and fast. NIN has helped FRSC registration and verification in the driver’s license platform.
  2. Bank Account Opening:
    The banking sector has also found the usefulness of NIN as it has helped to easily verify individual users/customers in the Know Your Customer (KYC) Database.
  3. International Passport Registration:
    NIN has also helped in the registration and verification of Nigerian Citizens in the International Passport Platform.
  4. SIM Card:
    National Communication Commission in partnership with the Telecommunication industry has also deployed the use of NIN in further registration of SIM. This is evidenced in the fact that it will help to protect individuals and help in checking the crime rate in the country.

With the above facts, NIN registration is important for all and is necessary for every Nigerian to own it.

But the question is, have gone to register yours? If not, try to do so.

We are available in case if you have any difficulty registering or checking your registered NIN using your cell phone.

Contact us if any need arises.

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