Npower Agro Recruitment Form 2020 and News

Npower Agro Recruitment 2020

Latest news from Npower and How to Apply on Npower Agro portal| Guidelines regarding Npower Agro Recruitment form 2020 and news

Npower Agro recruitment portal is open for registration for the 2020 year. This is to enable beneficiaries and others who have the interest to join the Agriculture team to produce food for the country.

As a beneficiary, you are required to fill your correct details in the FMARD portal form given on the Npower portal. The details are provided below;

In the form, beneficiaries are required to state their designation to include Master, Trainer, or Supporting Staff.

Among these options, you shall further be required to prove your competencies in training others to promote efficient productivity in the Agro-industry

All beneficiaries are required to fill the following details correctly on the NPower Agro portal;

The details include;

First Name

Last name


Phone number


Date of birth




The local government of origin


Bank account number

Bank name

N-Power batch

Have you been trained?

Year of training

Venue of training

Do you have a registered N-Power Device?

Device name and Model


Confirmed password

Are you ready to partake in the field survey at this time?

To Apply click here

Note: This information is for N-Power Agro beneficiaries. It is advisable for all beneficiaries to check their email and follow the link sent to them.

Note also that upon submission, successful beneficiaries shall be approved and inducted into the system to undertake the training in their various point.

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