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Obudu Mountain Resort | A paradise in the clouds

Obudu Mountain Resort is a favorite holiday destination for many tourists.

It is located on the Obudu Plateau in southern Nigeria, within a short distance of Cameroon, one of Nigeria’s neighbors. This is the best place to be if you’re looking for an adventure in a serene environment.

To enjoy more of the scenic view, be sure to take the cable car ride from the bottom to the top of the hill. You’ll get to see the Angel’s View, the Grotto, the presidential Villa, and many other places to a truly magnificent backdrop.

Obudu Mountain Resort also known as Obudu Cattle Ranch is one of Africa’s finest and most interesting and spectacular tourist destinations. Obudu Mountain Resort is located in the highlands and deep tropical forests of Cross River State with a temperate climate at about 45 miles from the border with Cameroon.

If you are a tourist looking for a mix of adventure and idyllic tranquillity, then Obudu Cattle Ranch is the place to be. With rich natural vegetation and a picturesque view, Obudu is increasingly becoming popular amongst tourists from all around Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

The ranch has numerous pleasant and beautiful mountain-area and country-side views, with a well preserved and calm Serene to suit all our guests.

Height & Climate

Due to its 1580 metres (5200 ft) elevation from the sea level, the region receives semi-temperate climate. The climate is suitable for the enjoyment of the tourists.

The Ibeno Beach | a beautiful sight to behold



Canopy Walkway

The Canopy Walkway is a 100m swinging bridge suspended above the forest.

The Obudu Plateau

The Obudu Plateau is found on the Oshie Ridge of the Sankwala Mountain range in Cross River State. The Obudu Mountain Resort was developed on this plateau. The plateau is found in the Obanliku local government area of Cross River state and is a giant massive spread over an area of over 40 square miles and rises to about 5200 ft above sea level, with its peak reaching to a height of about 1,716 metres above sea level. The plateau is known to a habitat of rare species of birds.

Cable Car

Obudu Mountain Resort is 1576 metres above sea level. To get there, you can either drive the famously winding 11km road from the bottom of the hill or take the cable car. The drive takes about 25 minutes while the cable car ride takes about 6 minutes.

International Mountain Race

It is called the Obudu Ranch International Mountain Race and it’s an annual mountain running a competition that takes place in late November in Obudu. The race is known as the ‘World’s Richest Mountain Race’ because it has the largest total prize money available of any mountain race.

Opening Date

Developed in 1951 by M. McCaughley

Intestinal Road View

The intestinal road is the road that brings one up the mountain to Obudu Cattle Ranch. The road network is spiral and it gives a zig-zag view from the top

Angel’s View and Presidential Villa

The Angel’s View is a point where some valleys form to give a “V” shape. This view takes your breath away and makes you appreciate the wonderful creation of God. The Angel’s View is between the Helipad and the Presidential Villa.

Becheve Nature Reserve and Tree Nursery

The Becheve Nature Reserve is a conservation forest filled with various species of plants and animals. There are many species of trees and it holds some trees have been there before civilization.


Grotto is another mini waterfall with a pool. But unlike Natural Pool, Grotto has been modified a little to allow the water to accumulate at its bed, forming a deep pool. The depth and width of the water pool was artificially created.


  • Holy Mountain
  • Canopy Walkway
  • Cameroon Border View
  • Igaga Waterfall
  • Angel Valley View
  • Devils Elbow
  • Water Park
  • Becheve Nature Reserve
  • Mountain & Village walk
  • Natural Swimming Pool
  • Horseback riding
  • Free use of Tennis court, Basketball court and Gymnasium