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Pacific Rim National Park Reserve | Wilderness of the Pacific

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve – British Columbia

Located on Vancouver Island, Pacific Rim National Park is where you will hike the famous West Coast Trail. The West Coast Trail is a 75 km long trek and takes between 5 to 7 days to hike and is one of Canada’s great hikes located along the west coast of Vancouver Island. The Pacific Rim National Park Reserve also includes the Long Beach and the Broken Group Islands.

With paddling at Broken Group Islands or surfing at Long Beach and world-class whale watching, Pacific Rim national park has it all. Read more: Kayaking to the Broken Group Islands

In order to hike the West Coast Trail, hikers must obtain a permit from Parks Canada and are required to attend an orientation session prior to starting the trail. The number of hikers allowed on the trail is limited each year in order to protect the fragile ecosystem and ensure the safety of hikers.

Location: British Columbia – Vancouver Island: 7 hours northwest of Victoria.
Size: 511 sq. km

Camping at Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Effective June 8 at noon until further notice, a fire ban is in effect throughout Pacific Rim National Park Reserve including the West Coast Trail, Broken Group Islands, the Long Beach Unit and Green Point Campground. The National Park Reserve-wide ban includes all beach fires, including those below the high tide mark. The prohibition includes campfires, charcoal briquettes, torches, candles, and any open flames.

Changes to Campground Facilities

  • Washroom buildings have a limited capacity. The maximum capacity for each building is posted outside. Please follow the guidelines on posted signage and wait outside until it is your turn to enter. Please do not linger inside the washrooms and do not bathe in the sinks or wash wetsuits, dishes or any other items in the sinks.
  • Non-medical masks or face coverings are recommended for everyone when visiting indoor public spaces at Pacific Rim National Park Reserve including washrooms.
  • Special Note: The flush toilets and pit toilets are only meant for waste that is biodegradable. Please do not put any foreign objects in the toilets including: disinfectant wipes, feminine hygiene products and any other non-biodegradable items. Doing so obstructs the waste management system and results in facility closures.
  • Cashless payment is preferred (Tap is accepted).
  • Prepare for long lines upon check-in. Peak time for checking in is between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Plan to arrive outside these times to avoid longer lines. Please note that there are safety improvement traffic delays on Highway 4 between Port Alberni and the west coast of Vancouver island. For more info
  • Clean picnic tables, bear bins, handles for the recycling/garbage, door handles, and toilet seats before and after you use them.
  • Give our staff space to do their job safely. Maintain a physical distance of at least two meters (six feet) at all times.
  • Please be kind and patient with all staff and other visitors.

What should I bring?

Please bring your own clean-trip kit, including hand sanitizer, garbage bags, masks, as well as table cloths if you plan to use a picnic table. Consider using green or environmentally friendly products.

Is it safe to come camping?

  • Visitors are responsible to follow the advice of public health authorities for physical distancing and hygiene practices. Staff efforts will focus on providing an increased level of service in the campground washrooms, which will be cleaned twice daily. Please do not groom or linger in the washrooms.
  • Please abide by the BARE Campsite Program – You are camping in wildlife habitat. We share this landscape with wild animals that depend on it for their food and survival, including black bears, cougars and wolves. The “bare” campsite program is in place for your safety, and to keep the wildlife alive and wild. By keeping a “bare” campsite, you are playing an important part in preventing animals from becoming food-conditioned. When not in use (when sleeping, or when you leave your campsite, even to use the washroom), you must store all attractants in a hard-sided vehicle, motorhome, trailer or campground food storage locker. Please ensure you are doing your part and secure all wildlife attractants at all times. Attractants include food, stoves, dishes, toiletries, and anything else with a scent.

Is the Green Point campground open to out-of-province campers?

All visitors to Parks Canada administered destinations are encouraged to plan ahead for their visit, including being aware of any regional/provincial/national restrictions, and regularly check the Parks Canada website for the latest information on access, services, and measures that may be in place for health and safety.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve has various camping options depending on the area you are visiting.

Long Beach Unit:

The national park reserve’s frontcountry option, Green Point Campground, has drive-in and walk-in sites as well as new accommodation options.

Broken Group Islands:

Backcountry camping on seven islands, accessible only by boat.

West Coast Trail:

A multi-day backcountry hike for experienced hikers with designated campsites along the route.

Prevent the spread of pests. Buy firewood where you will burn it.

Although we might not see them, invasive insects that threaten our forests can easily hide in firewood. When firewood moves, so do these pests, potentially threatening our beautiful forests.

Long Beach Unit: Green Point Campground

12 km north of the Ucluelet-Tofino junction on Hwy.4, midway between Ucluelet and Tofino.

Open: May 1 – October 10, 2023

Reservations available: 8 AM PDT March 13, 2023

Green Point Campground is the only campground in the spectacular Long Beach area of the national park reserve. Since Green Point Campground was established in 1962, people from all over the world have come to experience the beauty and tranquility it has to offer.

Drive-in sites

94 sites
6 people/site*
2 tents maximum or;
1 RV/camper and 1 tent
2 vehicles per site (space permitting)
Maximum stay is 7 consecutive nights

exception: 2 adults with their dependent children to a maximum of 7 people


Electrical service
120 volt/15 amp and 240 volt/30amp
Flush toilets
Picnic tables
Firewood available for a fee

Reservations / Fees

Reservations are recommended
Reservations can be made at Parks Canada Reservation Service or by calling

Walk-in sites

20 sites
6 people/site
Maximum 1 tent per site
No pets
Maximum stay is 7 consecutive nights

exception: 2 adults with their dependent children to a maximum of 7 people


Flush toilets
Cold water taps
Picnic tables
Food storage
Firewood available for a fee


Group walk-in site

1 site
8 people minimum
24 people maximum
No pets, alcohol, or stereos
Maximum stay is 7 consecutive nights

Flush toilets
Central fire-pit
Picnic table
Firewood available for a fee

Reservations / Fees
Reservations are recommended
Reservations can be made at Parks Canada Reservation Service or by calling

Points of interest

Green Point Campground is located on a bluff above the beach. Take a relaxing, breezy walk on the sands of Long Beach.
Facilities and services at Green Point Campground

Potable water:

Available in campground

Garbage facilities:

Available in campground


All drive-in sites have hook ups.


Flush toilets

Cooking facilities:

No cooking facilities. Fire pits provided in all sites.

Bus / motor home / trailer access:

Buses are not permitted in the Green Point Campground.

Most drive-in sites accommodate trailers/RVs but sizes and turning radii differ. Please refer to the Parks Canada Reservations Services for specific sizes of each individual site.

No access to Radar Hill, Schooner Trail, Willowbrae Trail, Florencia Bay, Bog Trail or Incinerator.

Visitor safety

  • In effect for your safety and the safety of others
  • Review closures and important bulletins before planning your trip
  • Bears, wolves and cougars live here. Learn more about safely sharing the park
  • with Vancouver Island’s native predators
  • Keep your dog on leash at all times




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