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PLASU  School Fees Payment Portal 2021/2022

PLASU  School Fees Payment Portal 2021/2022 is open, See all Fees for all DepartmentsPLASU  School Fees Payment Portal

You are interested to know about the PLASU  School Fees for New Students (Fresher’s) and Returning Students, payment methods and list of banks to pay, School Fees payment procedures, semester by semester fees for all departments, and lots more.

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PLASU    School Fees Portal

PLASU    School Fees Breakdown for 2021/2022

How to Pay PLASU    School Fees.

PLASU  School Fees Portal

This is to alert all New and Returning students of the PLASU  that the PLASU  School Fees Payment Portal for the 2020/2021 Session has been activated. New and returning students can now pay their school fees.

See how to make payment below;


Computer Science36,000
English Language36,000
History and International Studies36,000
Industrial Design36,000
Management Studies36,000
Mass Communication36,000
Political Science36,000
Theatre Arts36,000

How to Pay PLASU  School Fees.

For you to pay PLASU  School Fees, go to PLASU  payment Portal, generate invoice, pay in bank/online, revisit the portal and complete payment. You can as well print evidence of payment on the portal.

Here is how to do it:

Visit the main website at and click on the payment banner sliding on the website or click

on the link PLASU pay available on your portal or visit the

You will be redirected to a page shown below


Enter your Matric. Number (Matriculated students), Jamb Number (Newly admitted Students) or application Number (New applicants) as the case maybe in the space provided and click on Check Payable Fees to see your details. See sample below.


Carefully go through the details displayed for you and ensure that they are all CORRECT. If your details are not correct, Call the support lines, or send an email or possible visit the nearest ICT support center.

The support contacts are displayed at the bottom of all the pages.

If you agree that the Amount, your name and other details are ok, COPY your RRR number generated for the payment you are about to make.


Thick the box below your reference number to agree that you have confirmed your details and then click Continue and you will be redirected to Interswitch payment page

Select the type of card you are using to make payments (verve/MasterCard/VISA).  Note that the amount to pay is displayed with blue background.

Enter your card details

  • Your card number is printed on the card you are using. Enter numbers without space
  • The Expiry date (Month and year) is also printed on your card.
  • Cvv2 (Card Verification Value 2)is the last 3-digit printed at the back of your card


  • Enter your secret PIN number by clicking on the corresponding numbers displayed below the Card PIN box.
  • Click on Pay to continue.

Some banks like GTB, adds additional layer of security to their online banking system by issuing a device called ‘token’ that generates random numbers for transactions.  If you are required to enter the token generated, press the button on the token and enter the number displayed.

If your bank requires a token to payments online and you don’t have one, contact the nearest branch of your bank

Interswitch advertises their own additional security for online payment. If You wish to obtain Interswitch token to further secure your online payments, you  can enter your email and click on send email and continue button to subscribe.

You can ignore the advert and click on No Thanks, conclude payment button to continue

If the transaction is successful you will see success page, print your receipt by clicking on the print receipt button. If you cannot print your receipt now, copy your PIN so that you can continue with registration. You can print the receipt later when you log into your portal.

If the transaction is not successful, you will see the error page. Print this page and report to any ICT office if you have been debited.


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