Hi Reader,In this article cafegist team will like to share with you the current happenings and news & update about School Reopening. about all tertiary, secondary & primary and nursery school


The aforementioned is quite knowing that few months ago, the federal government had officially ordered for the closure of primary, secondary and tertiary institution in abide to stop the spread of the deadly virus of covid-19.

Scrupulously, teacher persist the key point of determining if school should resume because they are the one to enlighten student about the deadly virus, how it can be contacted and the preventive measure to be take in avoiding the virus.


There have been loft of clamoring from the student and parent in the country over the past week as a result of closure of school around the country due to the result of covid 19 pandemic. However, the federal government has given an update when   school is going to reopen.


Babajide Sanwo-oul, The governor of Lagos state  has also given permission to all manufacturing companies to operate between 7am and 6pm. The governor has also disclosed that church can reopen Sunday 21st June while the mosques can start their own on Friday June 19th. According to governor Babojide Sanwo-Olu, he stated that, in two weeks’ time, we would make a decision on opening of schools.

Scrupulously, looking at this, all teachers should take noted of the following before the deadly virus will attack the student with the following point listed below:

  • Stipulation school ultimately resurrect as the federal government is scheduling to, teachers are advised to control students by constructing it mandatory for them to be surviving by the preventive measure provided by the Nigeria center for covid-19 rheostat.
  • They should help students in sustaining social distance at least four (4) meter from the other person sitting beside them or close: Lack of social distance is another way the deadly virus call covid-19 can be transmitted to another person, so it is advice that they help student in sitting arrangement so that their live will not be in danger.
  • They ought to exertion to report any alleged case in their school to the Nigeria center for virus control so that it won’t affect other’s.


Must it be teachers and lecture be the one reporting the above start or should the federal government apprentice interventions that will handle such in tertiary, secondary primary and nursery school.

Remember to maintain social distance, washing your hand regularly with sanitizer from a running tape water and wearing of nose mask regularly to prevent the covid 19 deadly virus


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