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Singapore Institute of Management Academic Calendar

This is to educate you about the school calendar and the necessary information you need to know about the school admission date, graduation dates and other things been observed in the school, example holidays and breaks hope this information will guide you through

Semester 1 2022 (2220) important dates

DateEvent or deadline
6-10 December 2021Continuing students’ enrolment
6-10 December 2021Deferred and Supplementary examinations (1)
13-17 December 2021Commencing students’ enrolment
24-25 December 2021SIM shutdown for Christmas Day public holiday (Friday – Saturday)
31 December – 1 January 2022SIM shutdown for New Year’s Day public holiday (Friday- Saturday)
3 JanuaryClasses begin (Monday)
7 JanuarySupplementary Examinations (2) (Friday)
14 JanuaryLast day to add classes without written academic permission (Friday)
27 JanuaryResult release date (intensive classes) (Thursday)
28 JanuaryCensus date (Friday)
31 January – 3 FebruarySIM shutdown for Chinese New Year Holiday (Monday – Thursday)
7 FebruaryClasses resume (Monday)
11 MarchAcademic penalty date (Friday)
9 AprilClasses end (Saturday)
9 AprilDeferred test (Business programs only)
15 AprilGood Friday
20 AprilExamination period begins (Wednesday)
1 MayLabour day public holiday (Sunday)
2 MayHari Raya Puasa public holiday (Monday)
3 MayLabour day observed public Holiday (Tuesday)
7 MayExamination period ends (Saturday)
15 MayVesak Day (Sunday)
16 MayVesak Day public holiday (Monday)
26 MayResults release date (Thursday)
6-10 JuneContinuing students’ enrolment
6-10 JuneDeferred and Supplementary Examinations (1)
13 JuneQueen’s Birthday Public Holiday (RMIT)
13-17 JuneSemester 2 commencing students’ enrolment

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