Steps on how to Register for the National ID card | Nigeria

Steps on how to register for the National ID card (Nigeria)

The National ID Card consists of a National Identification Number (NIN), the exclusive number assigned to all Nigerian or legal residents after enrolling into the National Identity Database (NIDB) and is issued by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). The NIN, according to the NIMC, contains 11 non- comprehensible numbers at random selected which is used to match an individual with his/her biometric data and other facts contained in the NIDB during verification and authentication.

All Nigerian and legal resident from 16 old and above are entitled for enrollment, according to the commission.

The transactions comprise application for International Passport, bank accounts, applying for or renewing your driver’s license, obtaining your Permanent Voters’ Card, participating in the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), payment of taxes, transactions for contributory pension scheme, access to welfare and other related government services etc.

Below are 5 (five) easy steps on how to obtain your National Identification Number (NIN) from the NIMC:


1.Kindly visit the NIMC website to access the Pre-Enrollment Portal via: and fill the Enrollment Form online. Applicants can tender directly online and can also prints out a summary slip of the Form with a 2D Barcode and proceed to any NIMC Enrollment Centre for biometric and data capturing. persons can also print out the Enrollment Form and fill with pen and then go to the nearby NIMC Enrollment Centre for the next step.

Preview Enrolment Data

At the NIMC Enrollment Centre, applicant will be allowed to verify and confirm the enrollment data on the system, if you filled and submitted directly online. You may also present the summary printout or filled forms (if filled with pen) to the enrollment official on duty for simple processing.

Capture Passport, Fingerprint, Signature

Applicant’s passport, ten fingerprints and signature would then be captured by the enrollment official on duty.

Upload Documents

Then applicant will present his/her sustaining documents to the enrollment officer on duty, such as birth certificates etc. These would be scanned and uploaded into the National Identity Database (NIDB) as well.

Collect Enrolment Slip and NIN Slip

After successful enrollment, applicant would be issued two slips – Transaction Slip and NIN Slip (which shows conclusion of the enrollment process), which are to be generated and printed out FREE of charge by the enrollment officer on duty.

According to the NIMC, applicants can get their NINs at the enrollment centres where they enrolled. In various circumstances, they may also request that the NIN slips be transferred to other centre’s of their alternative for easy collection.

Note that the NIN can only be claim by an individual after biometric verification and not by proxy.

Nevertheless, you will be contacted through SMS to pick up your National Identity card physically once it’s ready.

But if you are already registered but yet to collect the NIMC-issued MasterCard-branded card, you can check the status of your National ID Card here:


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