The BPP Scholarship of Macfarlane / United Kingdom

Programme:  PHD, Master, Bachelor

Stipend:  Full Fee

Deadline:   12 July 2024

A devoted asset of £1.25m+ to be granted exclusively to candidates of BPP’s postgraduate regulation programs.

For the 2024-24 scholastic year.

We’re focused on supporting the most brilliant future ability from all foundations, which is the reason BPP has serious areas of strength for a to assist with enlarging investment into the law and different callings. Subsequently, a huge extent of our grants reserve is granted to understudies from foundations which have been customarily under-addressed.

We offer a scope of full and fractional expense grants that can assist with making your profession desires a reality. To simplify the interaction for you, we work a solitary ‘one application’ process for our fundamental scholarships.

Aside from the BTC Support Grant and outer grants.

Applications are as of now open for our September 2024 courses.

You must meet ALL of the minimum requirements to apply:

  • You are required to have applied to study at BPP University;
  • You must have submitted an application for a scholarship by the following deadline:
  • The list price of the course for which you have applied must be at least £9,500 in order to be considered for the Career Commitment Scholarship;
  • You must have earned a degree of at least 2:1 or its equivalent (or 2:2 with evidence of mitigating circumstances, which will be evaluated on an individual basis);
  • You cannot have sponsorship for the entire course from another source (such as an employer or one of the Inns of Court).
  • Additionally, you must not already have received a BPP scholarship with a value of at least £2,000.

While we evaluate your application in relation to the relevant scholarship criteria, you will be asked to provide evidence of your suitability in your application.


One student from a lower socioeconomic background who is interested in pursuing a career in law will receive support from the Macfarlanes BPP scholarship each year by funding their SQE studies and providing them with a professional mentor.

Main BPP University Law School Scholarships

To be eligible for a full or partial scholarship, candidates must have completed and submitted their single scholarship application by the relevant deadline date.

Main BPP University Scholarships for Law School

Candidates must have completed and submitted their single scholarship application by the applicable deadline date in order to be eligible for a full or partial scholarship.

 Scholarship: Career Commitment Scholarship

Description: Awarded to the most promising future legal professionals. Applications must demonstrate one or more of the following:

Strong academics

 Resilience – do you have a story to tell us about how you have overcome significant challenges? If so, we want to hear about it as the resilience you have shown to date will be a great asset to draw upon as a practicing lawyer. We particularly welcome candidates from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in law, first generation students, and those who have experienced significant hardship.

 A solid volunteering and/or pro bono background – we really value students who help in their local communities and reach out to those who need help, whether it is in respect of legal advice or other the giving of other assistance.

Dedication to progressing your career (e.g. extra-curricular activities, work experience both in the law and outside)

Strong leadership, entrepreneurial, innovation or other transferable skills – this would apply to many of the career changers who study successfully at BPP

 Award value: £2,000

Application deadline: Scholarship applications for September 2024 courses will be assessed in two cycles with the following deadlines:

23:59 on 13 July 2024; and 23:59 on 11 August 2024

You will be notified of the outcome of your application approximately 7 days after the relevant deadline

Please note: Due to the volume of applications received, we are unable to provide individual feedback.

Scholarship: Dean of BPP Law School Scholarship

Description: Aimed at high achieving students who can demonstrate an outstanding standard of academic achievement and commitment to their legal career.

Award value: Full Fee

Application deadline: September 2024 Courses: 23:59 on 13 July 2024

Scholarship: Future Leader Scholarship

Description: Offered to those showcasing outstanding leadership skills or innovation ability, with the drive and ambition to become a future leader within the legal profession.

Award value: Full Fee

Application deadline: September 2024 Courses: 23:59 on 13 July 2024

Scholarship: Chancellor’s Scholarship

Description: Awarded to those demonstrating a unique and inspiring legal career journey – overcoming obstacles or providing outstanding contribution to charitable causes.

Award value: Full Fee

Application deadline: September 2024 Courses: 23:59 on 13 July 2024

Scholarship: Macfarlanes BPP Scholarship

Description: Each year, the Macfarlanes BPP scholarship will support one student from a lower socio-economic background who is interested in pursuing a career in law, through funding their SQE studies and providing them with a professional mentor.

Award value: Full Fee

Application deadline September 2024 Courses: 23:59 on 13 July 2024

Any Career Commitment Scholarship application will automatically be considered for these full-fee scholarships. 

Full tuition grants

A select group of students who receive a Career Commitment Scholarship worth £2,000 will be considered for one of the aforementioned full-fee scholarships. All such up-and-comers will be shortlisted on a ‘enlarging cooperation’ as well as friendly portability premise roughly multi week after the pertinent application cutoff time. They will then, at that point, be given one further week to finish a short undertaking. Within two weeks of the application deadline, the recipients of the full-fee scholarships will be notified.

BTC-specific grants

Candidates must have applied for a place on BPP’s Barrister Training Course (BTC), Barrister Training Course with Professional Legal Studies, or the Master’s version of either course but have not yet begun it in order to be eligible for these scholarships.

Scholarship: BTC Advocacy Scholarship

Description: Awarded to BTC applicants who demonstrate outstanding potential in the core skill of advocacy.  Your task will be to submit a video of a plea in mitigation (5 minutes max), for which there is a case study to prepare from. To apply, download the BTC Advocacy Scholarships App on Google Play or Apple Store. For application guidance, please read this document.

In addition to the scholarship award, our advocacy scholars:

will also have the opportunity to represent BPP at a prestigious external mooting competition

will form the next committee of the BPP Advocacy & Mooting Society

will run extra-curricular advocacy and mooting events with the support of BPP’s academic staff

Award value: £2,000

Application deadline: September 2024 Courses

23:59 on 27 March 2024

Scholarship: BTC Excellence Scholarships

Description: Awarded to all BTC students with a first-class undergraduate degree.

Award value: £1,000

Application deadline: N/A

Note: We also support a number of scholarships that are administered by outside organizations with which we collaborate as part of our mission to increase the number of people who are involved in the legal profession.

Scholarship: AS Foundation Scholarship

Description: For prospective solicitors – see

Award value: £5,000

Application deadline: See ASF’s website

Scholarship: Diversity Access Scheme

Description: We help to fund the Law Society Diversity Access Scheme (DAS), which supports people from low socio-economic backgrounds who want to become solicitors.  Around 10 scholarships are available each year. Details are on the Law Society website.

Award value: Up to full fee

Application deadline: Opens 22 February 2024 and closes 16 April 2024.

Other BPP Scholarships

Scholarship: Dean of BPP School of Business and Technology Scholarship

Description: Throughout the year, three full-fee scholarships are awarded to highly committed individuals. The Dean of the School of Business and Technology Scholarship is targeted towards high achieving students who can demonstrate the highest standard of academic excellence and commitment to their chosen career within business.

Award value: Full Fee

Application deadline: TBC

Scholarship: International Postgraduate Bursary

Description: Offered specifically for international students. Our admissions team will automatically apply the International Postgraduate Bursary to your application if you hold a 1st class honours degree.

Award value: £1,000

Application deadline: N/A

Scholarships for current BPP undergraduate students

Scholarship: Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship and Pro Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship

Description: Two full-fee scholarships are available, open to BPP undergraduate students who are looking to continue their studies with us. Applicants must have showcased an outstanding ambassadorial approach during their time at BPP.

Award value: Full Fee

Application deadline: TBC


  • This opportunity is open to undergraduate BPP students who want to continue their education at BPP University.
  • During their time at BPP, applicants must have demonstrated an outstanding ambassadorial approach.