The date for players’ medicals is set by NLO.

The date for players' medicals is set by NLO.

The National League has decided to start the medical evaluation for all division players on March 20.


Players are required to undergo the medical evaluation before they can participate in League One.


The NLO is supposed to carry out dates of evaluation for each state on Monday, Walk 13, and the assigned focuses to be settled upon by the individual State Football Affiliation.


After the Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) and the Nigeria National League (NNL), the NLO is Nigeria’s third-tier league.


It should be recalled that Madiba FC, Aspire FC, FC One Rocket, Hype Buzz FC; Last season, Mailantarki Care FC, Police Barretta FC, and Smart FC were elevated from the NLO to the NNL.

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