Top 7 Mobile Phone Brands in the World

Top 7 Mobile Phone Brands in the World


In our thoughts, Samsung is the best phone brand you can pick in 2024. It produces outstanding phones across a variety of prices and has even managed to improve its lackluster best of software updates.

Apple and Google are both hot on Samsung’s heels – the two tech giants each produce fantastic phone brands with the universal iPhone and the ever-evolving Google Pixel series.

Of course, while individual phone models are important, picking the right phone brand will help you get a long term vision into how your phone will be buoyed in the years to come.


  1. Samsung– There’s a Samsung for every person, from the bargain-basement M-series and the brilliant mid-range A-series to the flagship S and Note series. It even makes folding phones
  2. Apple– iPhones are almost supreme when it comes to hardware superiority and the company continues to set the standard for design
  3. Google– Google’s expanding phone lineup covers everything from flagships to excellent and reasonable handsets
  4. OnePlus– Continues to offer flagship features at low prices, with high-end features and performance and remarkable hardware
  5. Motorola– It’s had a tough few years, but still knows how to knock out a top-quality cheap phone
  6. Nokia– Once entrusted to the smartphone graveyard, Nokia is back with a revenge with a killer low- to mid-range phones
  7. Oppo– The once unheard-of Chinese company is now regularly discharging some of the best Android flagships on the marketplace

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