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Twins Festival, Ohio | A Celebration of Uniqueness

Twins Days Festivals is held on the first full weekend in August in Twinsburg, Ohio, half hour away from Cleveland. The unique city was named after its twin founders, and since 1976 it has hosted the annual gathering of twins and multiples. In addition to being the largest such gathering in the world, Twins Days has become a celebration of sibling bonds and all things family.

Ohio’s annual gathering of twins in Twinsburg features about 2,000 pairs of twins every year. The festival starts with a Double-take Parade along Ravenna Road when twins from around the world march through the downtown. The parade is broadcast on national TV. The event attracts twins from all sorts of places like Brazil, Australia, Ghana, Nigeria, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, France, Italy, England, Belgium, Germany, India, Japan, and China. Identical twins are usually dressed identically. Some twins, especially little ones, wear costumes.

Twins Days was inspired by Moses and Aaron Wilcox who lived in Ohio in the 19th century. In 1819 they founded Twinsburg. The festival was initiated in the 1970s by a group of locals, based on a concept by Dennis Casamatta and included Ray Diersing who has twin daughters. Every year the festival has a different theme like “Home For The Holidays,” “Two-Player Mode,” “Twinsfinity and Beyond!” – Outer Space, “Times 2 Remember,” and “Twinstock” – Late 60’s, Early 70s Era. Many scientists are attracted to the festival, seeing an opportunity to conduct voluntary twin studies.

Daily entertainment program features various contests, talent show, photo breaks, volleyball tournament, and fireworks on a Saturday night.

Located in the appropriately named Twinsburg, Ohio is the annual Twins Days Festival. Which according to Guinness World Records is the Largest annual gathering of Twins in the World!

The Goal of Twins festival is to gather twins from all over the world together and celebrate there unique togetherness!

How did Twins Festival start? 

Back in 1976, a small group decided to create the gathering as a special day for twins as part of the United States Bicentennial celebrations.

The first year was a small group and the second year 38 sets of twins came. Since then it has grown from strength to strength and the last 40 years have seen 77,000 sets of twins attend!

Fun Fact: The event has gotten international media coverage, delegations of twins were even sent from the Soviet Union.

Highlights of Twins Festival

Twin Gathering
Twin Volleyball
Twin Talent Show
5k Fun run/walk
Golf Outing
Twin “Double Take” Parade.
Weiner Roast Raffle
Twin contest (Most alike, Least alike etC)

This is a very unique festival to visit whether your a twin or not, just be warned you will be doing alot of double takes!

When is the Twins Festival ?


Where is the Twins Festival ?

Twinsburg, Ohio

Who can visit the Twins Days Festival?

Is this festival only for children? The attendees every year range in ages from newborns to octogenarians. There are many kids who have been coming to the festival for many years, and it has turned into an event they look forward to attending