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KwaZulu-Natal Postgraduate Application

University of KwaZulu-Natal, UKZN fees 2024, UKZN Graduate Application 2024 for Admission into University of KwaZulu-Natal, UKZN Application fees, Programs (Courses), Application Status, and Closing date for admission 2024KwaZulu-Natal Postgraduate Application

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About the University of KwaZulu-Natal, UKZN Undergraduate Tuition Fees Structure 2024

The UKZN Fees structure for the University of KwaZulu-Natal is given as follows. All admitted students are expected to review the fees structures for all courses/programs in the University.

The management of the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) has urge all students to pay their fees on or before the deadline. The portal will be open until the last day of registration for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

Before you pay UKZN fees, find the actual fees applicable to your program (Courses) for the 2024Undergraduate/Graduate admission.

How To Pay UKZN Fees Using Bank Method:

Students are to pay the UKZN Tuition fees in the following accounts as applicable to the course (Programmes) of studies.

To see the breakdown of UKZN School fees, click here

How to Pay UCT Application Fees 2024

  • Login to UKZN Payment portal
  • Sign in with your username and password
  • Click the pay fees link
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.


To learn more about the UKZN application fees for 2024 admissions, please click here.

The application fee may be paid by cash, credit card, direct bank deposit or electronic funds transfer (EFT). Cash payments must be made at the Cashiers Office, Kramer Building, Middle Campus, and UKZN.


Breakdown of UKZN School Fees

. Bachelor Degree

B Communication Pathology : Audiology 40390
B Comm. Pathology : Speech Language Pathology 40390
B Dental Therapy 42108
B Medical Science : Anatomy 43846
B Medical Science : Physiology 43288
B Occupational Therapy 46490
B Optometry 48600
B Pharmacy 42296
B Physiotherapy 43604
B Sport Science 41138
B Nursing 52128
B Nursing (Advance Practice) 58940
B Medicine & B Surgery 51614
B Oral Hygiene

2. Honours
Medical Science in Anatomy 26972
Medical Science in Medical Biochemistry 33633
Medical Science in Medical Microbiology 37849
Medical Science in Physiology 41622
Nursing 36742
Sports Science 34076

3. Masters3.1 Thesis/Dissertation

Year 1 31167
Continuing Years 15589
Subsequent Year 4269

3.2 Coursework and Dissertation
Masters Medicine/Medical Science 44142
Masters of Hand Therapy 44394
Masters of Health Science 80104
Masters of Medicine-Public Health 64315
Masters of Medicine-Occupational Medicine 49106
Masters of Medical science-Medical informatics 31926
Masters of Medical Science 36131
Masters of Nursing 52637
Masters of Pharmacy 80115
Masters of public health 35309
Masters of Philosophy in Group Therapy 44226
4. Doctorates
Year 1 31167
Continuing Years 15589
Subsequent Year 4269

College of Law and
Management Approximate Annual Fees(R)
1. Bachelor Degree
B Laws 41907
B Laws (Part-time) 32389
B Admin 52162
B Business Administration 40073
B Business Science 45891
B Com 40600
B Com Accounting 48547
Human Resource Management 42392
Public Administration 38133
2. Honours
Management Accounting 36374
Commerce (Accounting) – Contact 38850
Business Information Systems 34403
Commerce (Other) 32811
Information Technology 33296
3. Masters
3.1 Thesis/Dissertation
Year 1 31167
Continuing Years 15589
Subsequent Year 42693.2 Coursework and DissertationMasters in Law 29196
MCom Leadership Studies 27826
Masters of Business Administration – (MBA) 77680
Masters of Commerce (Maritime Studies) 46692
Masters in Commerce (Accounting, Economics,
Taxation, LLM Taxation, IT) 34466

4. Doctorates
Year 1 31167
Continuing Years 15589
Subsequent Year 4269

College of Science
and Engineering Approximate Annual Fees(R)
2. Bachelor Degree
B Sc Eng: Agricultural 48970
B Sc Eng: Chemical 49253
B Sc Eng: Civil 49074
B Sc Eng: Computer 49538
B Sc Eng: Electrical 49538
B Sc Eng: Electronic 49538
B Sc Eng: Mechanical 49538
B Sc Land Surveying 51435
B Sc of Agriculture in Agricultural Extension & Rur
Res Mgt 33854
B Sc in Agriculture (Agribusiness) 46007
B Sc in Agriculture (Agricultural Economics) 43846
B Agricultural Management 36521
B Agriculture 44626
B Sc Agriculture – Agricultural Plant Sciences 44626
B Sc in Agriculture – Animal and Poultry Science 44626
B Sc in Agriculture-Plant Pathology 44626
B Sc in Agriculture – Soil Science 44626
B Sc Stream Life and Earth Sciences Stream (LES) 50275
B Sc Mathematics Stream 42181
B Sc Applied Chemistry 43287
B Sc Applied Physics 42181
B Sc Biological Sciences 39957
B Sc Chemistry and Chemical Technology 44626
B Sc Computer Science & Information Technology 44289
B Sc Crop & Horticultural Science 44626
B Sc Dietetics 42181
B Sc Environmental Science 44626
B Sc Geological Sciences 42181
B Sc Industrial and Applied Biotechnology 44795
B Sc Marine Biology 42181
B Sc 4 year Augmented Programme 38850
Bsc Environmental Earth Science 51055
BSM Bachelor of Science 43846
Engineering Access Programme 248532. HonoursSocial Science 36078
Agriculture 33295
BScHons in Prop Dev(Quant Surveying) 36626
BScHons Prop Dev(CM) 36626
BScHons Biochemistry 35962
BScHons Microbiology 35962
BScHons Plant Pathology 38629

3. Masters

3.1 Thesis/Dissertation

Year 1 34054
Continuing Years 17032
Subsequent Year 4995

4. Doctorates

Year 1 34054
Continuing Years 17032
Subsequent Year 4995

College of
Humanities Approximate Annual Fees(R)3. Bachelor DegreeB Ed 36521
B A Cultural & Heritage Tourism 45838
B A Cognitive Science 55977
B Soc Sc Extended Programme 37627
B Theology 44067
B A International Studies 47061
B A Music 48842
B A Music & Drama Performance 48842
B A Philosophy, Politics & Law 48947
B Soc Sc Housing 48842
B A Visual Art 43287
B Soc Sc(General Studies) 46618
B Soc Sc Pol, Phil & Economics 33295
B Soc Sc Geography & Environmental
Management 49084
B Soc Sc Government, Business & Ethics 56610
B Soc Sc Management & Communication Studies 42065
B Architectural Studies 52067
B Music 49063
B Social Work 50391

2. Honours
Social Science 39957
Theology 28858
Criminology and Forensic Studies 28858
Community and Development Studies 28858
BEducation 31082
Bed(EdLdshpMngt) 31082
B Arts 30787

3. Masters

3.1 Thesis/Dissertation

Year 1 31166
Continuing Years 15588
Subsequent Year 4269


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