UNIUYO School Fees Schedule-University of Uyo school for 2021/2022

University of Uyo UNIUYO School Fees Schedule 2021/2022

UNIUYO School Fees Schedule: This is officially the University of Uyo school fees schedules for all the newly admitted students both UTME, Direct Entry and returning students for this year’s academic session.


  1. Tuition                     Free                                         Free
  2. Caution                     N2,000                                     NIL
  3. Examination              N2,500                                     N 2,500
  4. Tertiary Institution Social Health Insurance Programme (TISHIP)     N2,000                                     N2,000
  1. Student Handbook    N500                                        NIL
  2. Student Union Dues N500                                        N500
  3. Games/Sport           N700                                        N700
  4. Library                    N 2,000                                    N2,000
  5. GST Registration Handbook N 3,250 N1,000
  6. Student Union Constitution/Books          N 400           NIL
  7. X-Ray/Lab Test                                          N 2,500       NIL
  8. Personal Accident Insurance Scheme       N 400           N 400
  9. Identity Card                                              N 1,000       NIL
  10. Laboratory                                                N 2,000       N 2,000
  11. Utilities/Services                                       N 5,000       N 5,000
  12. Screening/Verification of Results            N 1,000       NIL
  13. University Calendar                                 N 500           NIL
  14. Clinical Fees                                            N 5,000       N 2,500
  15. Workshop fees                                        N 2,000       N 2,000
  16. Production Fees/Studio                          N 5,000       N 5,000
  17. Finance Charge                                       N 1,000       N 1,000
  18. Database Charge                                       N 2,000       N 2,000
  19. ICT Project                                                N 3,000         N 3,000
  20. Development Levy                                     N 20,000     N 20,000
  21. Facility Management                                  N 5,000       N 5,000


  • Accommodation/Bed Space                      N 500          N 500
  • Entrepreneurial Studies I 8i II                     N 2,000       N 2,000
  • Hostel Maintenance                                   N 8,000       N 8,000
  • Clinical Students Hostel Charges N              NIL         N 20,000

The Entrepreneurial Studies is payable by 200 Level UTME students and the new Direct Entry students only.

The Clinical Students Hostel Charges payable by Clinical students given hostel accommodation to. .

Also note that though the above fee breakdown, the returning students fee adds up to about N60,000 (Sixty thousand Naira only). While the freshers (both the UTME and Direct Entry candidates), the fee adds up to about N70,000 (Seventy thousand Naira only).

University of Uyo School Fees Analysis.

  • Tuition: Free of charge for all the students
  • Caution Fee: N 2,000 for the freshers only
  • Examination fee: N 2,500 for both newly admitted students (UTME and Direct Entry) and returning learners.
  • Tertiary Institution Social Health Insurance Programme (TISHIP): New and Old students are to pay N 2,000 only.
  • Student handbook: N 500 for freshers.
  • Student union dues: N 500 for both learners (UTME and Direct Entry).
  • Games/sport: N 700 for both students.
  • Library fee: N 2,000 for both new and returning learners
  • General Studies Registration Handbook: N 3,250 for freshers & N 1,000 for returning ones.
  • Student Union Constitution/Books: N 400 for newly admitted students.
  • X-Ray/Lab Test: N 2,500 for the newly admitted students.
  • Personal Accident Insurance Scheme: N400 for both new and returning students.
  • Identity card: N 1,000 for the newly admitted students.
  • Laboratory (for science and science-related courses): N 2,000 for the both learners.
  • Utilities/services: N 5,000 for both the newly admitted & the returning students.
  • Screening/verification of results: N 1,000 for the newly admitted students.
  • The University calendar: N 500 for only the newly admitted students only.
  • Clinical fees (pharmaceutic/medical students): N 5,000 for freshers & N 2,500 for returning students.
  • Workshop Fees (Engineering and Environmental studies): N 2,000 for both the new and returning students.
  • Production fees/studio (Communication Arts, Theatre Arts, Music): N 5,000 for both the new and the returning learners.
  • Finance charge: N 1,000 for all the students.
  • Database charge: N 2,000 for both the new and the returning ones.
  • ICT project: N 3,000 for all the students.
  • Development levy: N 20,000 for all the students.
  • Facility management: N 5,000 for the both learners.

The University of Uyo senate has mandated the following additional charges for the newly admitted students into the institution:

As follows:

Accommodation/bed space is N 500 for the newly admitted students (UTME and DE students).

Entrepreneurial Studies I & II is the sum of N2,000 for both the new and returning ones. However, this fee is only to be paid by the newcomers who has enter the university through direct entry or a 200 level UTME students.

Hostel maintenance fee is the sum of N8,000 for all the students accommodated in the university hostel as well.

Clinical students hostel charge is the sum N20,000 for the returning students only. However, this fee is only applied to those accommodated in the clinical hostel.


One thing I would also love to clear here is that the UNIUYO school fees for law, Pharmacy, UNIUYO acceptance fee for newly admitted students and returning students are exposed to a modification when the school senates encounter in order to agree the school’s new school fees schedules.

However, this is the recent school fees schedule for the 2021/2022 academic session.

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