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University Of Barcelona Academic Calendar

This is to educate you about the school calendar and the necessary information you need to know about the school admission date, graduation dates and other things been observed in the school, example holidays and breaks hope this information will guide you through

Check-In at the IRO (1st Term and Annual Students: 3-10 September // 2nd term students: 1-9 February)
Welcome Session ( (1st Term: September 13th // 2nd Term: February 10th)

Start of lectures (1st Term: September 15th // 2nd Term: 14th February)

Lectures (1st Term: September 15th – December 22nd // 2nd Term: February 14th – May 27th )

No class: bank holidays, weekends and significant days


Re-sit exams

Other – No class
September 11th
National Day of Catalonia October 11th Long weekend
September 24th
La Mercè (Town celebration) December 7th Long weekend
October 12th
Hispanity Day April 19th Faculty’s Public Holiday
November 1st
All Saints’ Day
December 6th
Spanish Constitution Day
December 8th
Immaculate Conception
January 6th
May 1st
International Workers’ Day
June 6th

June 24th
Saint John’s Ev

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