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University of Insubria Academic Calendar 2022/2023

This is to educate you about the school calendar and the necessary information you need to know about the school admission date, graduation dates and other things been observed in the school, example holidays and breaks

I hope this information will guide you through

International Relations office
International Relations head officer
[email protected]
General e-mail address: [email protected]
Bilateral agreements
[email protected]
Incoming/Outgoing Erasmus+ students
[email protected]
Incoming International students
[email protected]
Nomination and application
Nomination deadlines
Erasmus+ incoming candidates must be nominated by their home
University with an official email to: [email protected]
1st semester and full year students: 15th May
2nd semester students: 15
th October
Application deadlines
1st semester and full year students: 15th June
2nd semester students: 15
th November
Incoming exchange students apply via our online application form
The IRO processes applications and sends an official Acceptance
letter via email directly to the nominee
After application and acceptance, students register here
Academic information
Academic calendar
Welcome day: late October
Beginning of term: mid-September/October
End of term: January
Exam period: February
Christmas break: 24
th December – 6
th January
Welcome day: mid-March
Beginning of term: March
End of term: June
Exam period: June/July
Easter break: 6
th April – 12th April
Course catalogue and language of instruction
(mainly Italian)
Course catalogue is available in Italian and can be found here
Courses taught in English are the ones marked with the UK flag.
Language requirements
Italian/English: the minimum level required is B2.
Italian Language course
All incoming Erasmus+ students are offered a FREE Italian
language course for beginners (basic level).
We strongly advise students to sign up for the intensive Italian
language course that is essential both in taking Italian classes and
in everyday life.
Duration: 30 hours. Period: November, March. Students
interested in participating in the Italian language course
must specify it while applying online; upon arrival they
receive an e-mail with further details.
European Credit Transfer System
In the Italian Higher Education system, students are graded on a
scale from 1 to 30 points. 18 is the lowest passing grade, 30 is the
highest grade; a cum laude can be added as a special distinction.
The ECTS system is used at University of Insubria.
The Transcript of Records (ToR) provided by the International
Relations Office will be issued -in English- by the IRO within 45
days from departure and sent, via e-mail, both to the student and
to the home institution. The ToR will indicate the ECTS scale for
each Italian grade awarded, in order to facilitate the credit
Students who need to apply for a room in a university residence,
have to request it in the application form. Availabilities are
limited. To get further information as to the accommodation’s
application procedure and its deadlines, please contact:
[email protected]
ESN section
Local Tutors, chosen among our students, will help incoming
students AFTER their arrival with practical issues (opening a
bank account, registration, accommodation, …). Students who
would like to be contacted by the tutors, have to specify it in the
application form. Upon arrival they will receive an e-mail from
[email protected] with their tutor’s name and contacts.
Useful LINKS
Erasmus local coordinators – PDF file
Ongoing classes – platform
Exam dates – board
eLearning – platfo

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