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University of the Basque Country Academic Calendar

This is to educate you about the school calendar and the necessary information you need to know about the school admission date, graduation dates and other things been observed in the school, example holidays and breaks hope this information will guide you through

School calendar: Year 2024-22


  • Septembe 10: Welcome event for 1st year students (Main Hall)
  • September 13: First day of 1st term classes
  • December 23: Last day of 1st term classes (classes end at 12 noon)
  • January 31: First day of 2nd term classes
  • May 20: Last day of 2nd term classes


  • January 10-28: 1st term ordinary sitting (subjects studied during the term) and First Assessments (subjects studied all year).
  • May 23-June 10: 2nd term ordinary sitting (subjects studied during the term) and Second Assessments (subjects studied all year).
  • June 20-July 8: Extraordinary sitting.

Delivery of Certificates (subjects)

The deadlines for delivering certificates to the Secretary’s office are:

  • February 11: Ordinary 1st Term sitting.
  • June 20: Ordinary 2nd Term sitting.
  • July 18: Extraordinary sitting.

Exam re-schedule to earlier date

The deadlines for requesting re-scheduled exams at the Secretary’s office are:

November 22- December 1, 2024: Ordinary 1st Term sitting.
April 4 – 7, 2022: Ordinary 2nd Term sitting.

Final Project


  • Pre-registration: 14-16 July 2024 (student)
  • Final project offers: 1-10 September 2024 (lecturers)
  • Validation of final projects: 13-17 September 2024 (coordinators)
  • Registration: 22-24 September 2024 (students)
  • Admission: 27 September – 1 October 2024 (coordinators)


February sitting June sitting August sitting
Enrolment and Report due date 15-18 February 16-18 June 16-20 July
Dissertation 8-12 March 7-9 July 8-10 September
Submission of the certificates  (deadline) 23 March 16 July 17


Fourth Call: It will be reserved exclusively to those students who, having submitted (delivered the report at three previous calls), would have suspended it.

Final project calendar:

• Registration and report due date: Sep 29 – 30
• Dissertation: October 10-11
• Submission of the certificates: October 21

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