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University of Vigo Academic Calendar

This is to educate you about the school calendar and the necessary information you need to know about the school admission date, graduation dates and other things been observed in the school, example holidays and breaks hope this information will guide you through

The UVigo official academic calendar is available here:
The more important dates are the following:
1st Semester
(From 06th
September 2021
to 28th January
Lecture period: From 06st September to mid-December 2021
Holidays: From 20th December 2021 to 7th January
2022 (Christmas)
28th January 2022 (Saint Thomas’s day)
Examination period: From mid-December 2021 to 27th January 2022
Evaluation deadline
for teachers:
18th February 2022
2nd Semester
(From 31st January
to 10th June 2022)
Lecture period: From 31st January to mid-May 2022
Holidays: 28th February and 1st March 2022 (Carnival)
From 11th to 15th April 2022 (Easter)
Examination period: From April to 10th June 2022
Evaluation deadline
for teachers:
1st July 2022
Resit examination
(in case you didn’t
pass an exam)
Examination period: To mid-July 2022
Evaluation deadline
for teachers:
25th July 2022
Please note:
Lecture and examination periods might vary depending on the faculty.
Lecture and examination periods might be subject to slight variations in the Master’s
Early exams are not always possible to take. If students need to return to their home
universities before the end of the examination-period, they must contact their teachers.
ToRs will be issued after the evaluation deadlines for teachers

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