Veritas University Postgraduate form for 2022 Session is Out

Veritas University Postgraduate form for 2022 Session is Out

If you are an applicant of Veritas University, this information is for you to go through. If you are willing to apply for Veritas University, this page is also for you. This page is strictly for the Veritas University postgraduate admission form.

Veritas University Requirements For Degree Awards

  1. The courses will be externally moderated. The setting of the questions will definitely involve the vetting by external Examiners. With this when graded by the internal examiners, the scripts will be forwarded to the external examiners for verification of the marks and grades. After which the scripts returned to the departments.
  2. All results shall be approved by the College Board and Senate.
  3. ‘Externally examined’ should mean to vet, check the marking scheme and also the questions before and after writing the examination. You can also report to the Vice-Chancellor.
  4. Candidate should have at least a CGPA of 3.0 
  5. Supervision will definitely be conducted by a team of supervisors for the Master’s degree.
  6. This is necessary to ensure that all the areas of a subject are effectively considered especially where the students have to go along with an interdisciplinary subject.
  7. Candidates whose research work is considered to be inappropriate by his department will be told to withdraw on a resolution of the College Board and Senate respectively.


  1. Copies of all the Dissertations will surely reach the Post-graduate College at least two months before the Convocation. With this which the candidate wants to be presented for the award of the degree.
  2. Maximum of six copies of the final work of the temporarily bound Dissertation will be submitted to the department. 
  3. After the defence, the candidate will also make all necessary corrections then submit four copies of the properly bound Dissertation with the certification by the Board of Examiners to the Post-graduate College.
  4. For each of the Postgraduate student, there will be a Board of Examiners for the Dissertation defence with at least five members, which must include members of the project Supervisory Committee, the External Examiner. This who will be the Chairman and must be someone of at least Senior Lecturer grade, and a representative of the Post-graduate College who must be an academic with relevant background.
  5. An oral defence of the Dissertation will be there. This each student must satisfy the Examiners in this regard in order to qualify for graduation.
  6. For a student to be in a good academic level. This he/she must obtain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 at the end of each session. Also applicable to the A student who absents him/herself for two consecutive semesters without a good reason may be asked to withdraw from the University. This is irrespective of his cumulative grade point average.
  7. A student, for the good reason and with the approval of the Senate. This upon recommendation by the Dean, may suspend his/her programme of study for a maximum of one year.
  8. A student who transfers from one programme to another might not be credited with those course credit units earned which are more relevant to the curriculum of the new programme.

Veritas University Postgraduate Admission Requirements.

  1. The candidate must possess at least 5 credits at O’Level in the composition of subjects required by each of the departments.
  2. The requirement for provisional admission into the Master’s Degree programme is the first degree with a minimum of Second Class Lower Division and CGPA of 3.00  from a well recognized University.
  3. Each of the candidates may be required to go through the diploma programme which may serve as a ‘bridge’ programme. This is especially for people who did not graduate in that programme of B.Sc.
  4. Provisional admission into our post-graduate diploma will require a minimum of third class and B.Sc.
  5. All the application must be accompanied by valid academic transcripts and referee’s reports.
  6. College of the Post-graduate Studies of Veritas University may take registered students of the higher degrees from other Universities on transfer if they meet the University’s conditions for entry to the programmes.


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