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What is chymall?

Chymall is an online business mall like the jumia, Amazon, Aliexpress, cryptocurrency, but the difference is that Chymall enables you to earn, Chymall was founded by Yuan Zhang the C.E.O and founder of Sairui Mall – CHY Mall

The company equally claims to be involve in e-commerce marketing, gaming and innovative businesses.


 chymall Investment 

The Chy mall is an online business which offers its investors the prospect to make money without selling any product or recruiting.  Investors only need to purchase a shop online   depending on capability and the transaction process will be done unbehave of the investors.

The Chymall online business scheme offers 5 Profitable grands categorized VIP 2, VIP3, VIP4, VIP5 and VIP6. This grand is the profit making packages which demand you to have $140 280$, 840$, 1680$ 3360$ respectively to make money with Chymall. Investors can make up to 168$ per 10 days and up to 504$ per month. Depending on the grand you choose.

Each grand is said to correspond to a product which investors can purchase depending on the stock available

                                         Chymall Ecommerce

As mentioned earlier, this company prerogative is to offer Ecommerce services. The company markets product of different categories some product which the offer includes clothes, shoes, bags, watches, Mobile phones, electronics computers, auto parts, fitness and entertainment, kitchen ware, pet, books, beauty products among others


Is chymall Legit?

Chymall company uses new investors money to pay old members, and its works without referral what makes it a pyramid scheme However it has an offer/ facilities, this makes it legit but not dependable, nonetheless most feedbacks we get from members are positive as at the time of this post.

Should I Invest in Chymall?

Every investment chance comes with risk. It all about using money to get money from the grand directly above you can make money with Chymall. You know the owner of the company as well as what they do to make money.

Because the profits are low compared to previous investment opportunities can give you hopes of sustainability.  But one thing I know about such business model is that there have an expiry date.

The company equally have bank accounts in the countries there operate in Africa especially Chymall Nigeria, Chymall Ghana and Chymall Cameroon teams which I have interacted with.  This means you know some names or places you can run to if something goes wrong with your money.

The company is registered, that is equally something positive. we don’t know about insurance which is very important for a company that operates in this manner.

If you a willing to take some risk with some extra cash then you can give Chymall a try and wait for the outcome.

What to do

  1. The first thing for you to do is to register and with chymall invest your money. This capital will be used in purchasing your shop online and selling somatic products that will yield 5% profit every 10 days.
  2. After purchase at the wholesale shop, the company create an account for you and gives you two options; either they sell for you so you can make profit or ship to you.



  • Log on to https://www.chymall.net with your login details
  • On the left corner TAB where you have your username, select “Withdraw
  • Fill all the necessary information on the new window that opens up
  • Put your Payment password
  • Click on “Withdraw”


  • Log into your Back Office
  • Click on the Tab “My
  • Click on the envelop with the “$” sign below which is written “Withdraw
  • On the new window, modify where appropriate
  • Complete the form. Please remember to put in your bank payment details as it appears in you bank.
  • Click on save.
  • Fill in the details of the point you want to withdraw (Note: 1 CHY Point = 1 DOLLAR)
  • Put in your Payment Password
  • Submit

If you followed the described steps accordingly, your payment should hit your account on the payment day.

Please note that CHY pays every Friday of the week. Your payment request should come latest Thursday for you to be paid on Friday.


for more details and information visit our contact page

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