When will WAEC begin: Federal Government Declares WAEC postponement

When will WAEC begin: Federal Government declares WAEC postponement

When will WAEC begin


When will WAEC begin: It was said that the Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu, who therefore disclosed this to the State House Correspondents on Wednesday after the 7th weekly virtual Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting. He also said that there is no date for the resumption of schools in the country for now.

people are asking When will WAEC begin

He said that he would prefer that the Nigerian students lose an academic year than to expose them to dangers and hazards. The man said this appealing to the state governments that had announced the official reopening of schools to, therefore, reconsider their decision. This was for the sake of the students’ safety.

Therefore Speaking on the effect the decision to maintain schools closed could have on the final year secondary school students, due to writing the WAEC examinations. Adamu said Nigeria will not open the schools for now, not even for the WAEC, which is considered to be a regional control program.

However, he debunked an earlier report, which was also claimed that the Minister of State for Education, Hon. Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, announced on August 4, 2020, as resumption date for schools, saying the Minister was being misquoted.

He further explained

He said “I don’t know whether you journalists are preferably misquoting the Minister of State for Education or maybe quoting what the WAEC board said and made it into a story for the people. Schools that are under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Education will not be opened on August 4 or anytime soon or later.

“Our schools will only open if and only if we believe it’s safe for our children. That is when the situation is right, not when the incidence of the infection is going up in the nation. 

“We will not open soon for the examination or for any reason unless it is well safe for our children. WAEC will not also be determined for us what we do. Schools will definitely remain closed.

“Yesterday we called on some stakeholders who will tell us the situation. They will also the way it should be done for it to be safe. While the meeting was still on, the WAEC board announced that they are starting examinations. Let’s see who they are going to start with threafter.

“I will like to use this position to ask those states that have already publicize the reopening. Muchly appeal to them. I think it is not safe. I feel responsible for all the children, not just those who are in the federal government-controlled schools. Please let’s save our children from this infection all around.

“One infected child is okay to infect a whole class. When they close from the class they go into the dormitory, this is not the right time to reopen schools. I appeal to the states that have already announced to reconsider the statement”, he said.


When asked if Nigeria will be the only country to miss out of the WAEC examinations, he said “me as Minister of Education, if I’m given the chance, I don’t mind Nigeria losing a whole school year rather than exposing our children to danger. WAEC is a parastatal of the Ministry of Education. Due to this they cannot determine for the government what it does”, he said.



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