ZAMFARA STATE SCHOLARSHIP: The Zamfara State Scholarship Board wishes to inform all the Indigenes of Zamfara State studying in most of the public institutions of a higher learning in Nigeria that the application for a local bursary will has definitely commence on Wednesday 13th Saturday 23rd May, 2022.

Since the board was established it was being carrying out its legal purposes as follows: –

  • All the payments of bursary to the state indigenes studying in most various institutions of higher learning both within and outside of the country.
  • With the Federal Scholarship Board to look for sponsorship to state indigenes particularly in the overseas.
  • Conduct interviews for the state indigenes to ascertain those that are eligible for the sponsorship particularly in the overseas.
  • The conduct interview for the state indigenes for them to ascertain those that are eligible for the award of scholarship in the Nigerian Institutions of higher learning.
  • Advise the students where it is necessary to go for course that are also relevant to our manpower needs as well.
  • This board from time to time liased with other well recognized in the nation institutions to monitor student’s academic progress in life.

The basic requirements for the scholarship

Ensure that you read the following conditions to be satisfied for the award of Zamfara State thoroughly.

  • All the candidates applying for the Zamfara State Scholarship must be bonafide indigenes of Zamfara State
  • All the Non-Indigenes are not eligible for the award of the Zamfara State Scholarship.
  • Most candidates that are Government employees are not qualified for the award of the Zamfara State Scholarship.
  • Candidates that are undergoing the sandwich courses are not eligible for the award of the Zamfara State scholarship to be given.
  • Spill over candidates are also considered only with the University Extension Approval.
  • All the candidates must have a secured admission from a well-recognized higher institutions of learning to study a course. Must have a supporting document like admission letter.
  • Students of the private Universities are not qualified for the awards of Zamfara State Scholarship; only the public school students are normally considered.
  • All the Candidates for the Matriculation or IJMB courses has to apply after his/her completion of their courses to submit a scholarship application forms for his/her Diploma or Degree Programmes. (Only PRE-NCE, NCE, PRE-ND, ND, HND, IJMB, MATRICULATION AND UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS)

How to Apply for Zamfara State Scholarship 2022

The application is much online and can be accessed using the Smart phones, computers and other internet enabled devices.

Application Requirement for the scholarship:

  • Personal Bio-Details
  • Password to be created by the applicant
  • Active e-mail and phone number
  • Original Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Account Number(well known)
  • A White Background Passport Photograph (Not more than 1-5MB)
  • Name of Institution, Faculty, Course and Department.
  • Details of two Referees (A Referee is a person willing to testify in writing about the character or ability of someone, especially an applicant).

 NOTE: Make sure that you filled all the mandatory fields, submit your application and print your slip of successful registration which will be required

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